When Death Comes, Old Friend

And then there is this fan created piece floating about the Internet, continuing the tribute to the late Terry Pratchett. I would love to acknowledge...

Goodbye, Sir Pratchett. Journey Well.

“IT IS TIME.” The voice rang in his head like a hollowed out lump of oak, conveniently bypassing his ears, hurdling deftly over his auditory...

Looking rad in teacher garb

A little bit of a Peewee Herman incarnation for my latest tv role. Catch #ThandekasDiary on SABC 1 from next Monday.

The Exercise Plan

Exercise plans and fitness intentions have come and gone many times over the years and who’s to say how different this time will be. Long...

Everyone’s on Their Own Journey

This is something that comes up for me a fair amount. I get very lost in my own processes and needs and desires and life that I sometimes forget that everybody is on their own journey.

Resetting the system: My December Detox

Resetting my internal system, and moving on to more healthy, balanced and nutritious eating habits, I'm now more energetic eating less and with less sleep.