Being Happy with Determination

The year before last I worked on a private project I’d called “Happy No Matter What”, which involved consciously making the effort to realise internal happiness regardless of outside conditions. It was an insightful exercise that opened a few doors for me but from which I did eventually fall off...

I Believe That We’re All A Little Weird

Unique New York, Unique New York. It’s a vocal exercise. Try it. Pronounce the words fully, enunciating each syllable. You neek, Neyoo York. Pretty cool, hey? You really have to work your lips and jaw. At least, that’s the aim. The more exercised your jaw and lips are the better...

Argh! Kentucky Fried SD Card!

I am always going on about how awesome my mobile device is, with its ability to withstand drops on concrete, dips in the ocean, dust and sand storms, and everything else I throw at it on my active outdoor trips. When I accidentally dropped the device while sitting in a...

What Did You Do Today?

How often do we get asked what we did today and just present the general, well-rehearsed response, “Aw, nothin’”? How horrible! Even zombies don’t just do nothin’. They don’t do much more than moaning pitifully, eating brains and lurching. They do a lot of lurching actually. But that’s still a...

I Never Want To Cry At Happy Endings Again

So, apparently, we don't cry because we're happy. We cry because we've lost hope of achieving our happy endings. Continue reading

Live Action Dead Island

You've seen the original reverse Dead Island trailer. Now watch it in live action in this incredible shot-for-shot remake by MachinaPrime. Continue reading

Exploring Boundaries Through Social Cuddling

While I may be something of an expert cuddler, this was my first introduction to an officially organised, internationally-established Cuddly Party. This is a professionally facilitated space encouraging connection, boundary respect, and freestyle cuddling. Continue reading

What is Natural?

If you're going to reject something for not being natural, why aren't you naked? Continue reading

We Need A Group?!

Why the sense of community is important to foster and maintain, particularly amongst poly-oriented people and other fringe sub-cultures. Continue reading

An honest trailer for Pacific Rim

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy, I came across this Honest Trailer for this year’s popular flick, Pacific Rim. To be perfectly honest, while the movie was entertaining, it did require a lot of brain inactivity. Attempts to be mentally conscious elicited at least ten plot questions before the title sequence...

The Poly Palooza!

After a long and eventful few days, Sunday afternoon winded down the weekend with a relaxing gathering for the Johannesburg leg of South Africa’s Polyamory group. The last one for this year. And the last one organised by ctrl-Alt-sex’er, Avri, as me and mey compadres take over for 2014. Continue reading

Namaste, Motherfucker

This video cracks me up. And ever since, I can say “Namaste” without “Motherfucker” immediately popping into my head. At least, I only verbalize in preferred company but, even if not, a smile will always accompany.