An Affair With Money

What is your relationship with money? I had to examine my own at a workshop I did yesterday with Cat Glennie called Money Medicine.

As much as I’ve been in a go-getter, push all these ventures mode over the past few months, I’ve never paused to look at the money factor specifically. This workshop was an eye-opener in that regard. In our aim to build more prolific businesses and achieve that dream of financial freedom, we oft times neglect to pay attention to the crucial underlying key; It’s all about the money.

Our workshop lasted a single day and was attended by people who are already reaching high in terms of income, some owning their own businesses, others in fairly well-off corporate positions. I was the only male among high-spirited, focussed women, which is not as intimidating as it could have been 😛

For me, the main focus was to get to the crux of the matter: What was our personal relationship to money? How was I treating and relating to this energy, this invisible entity represented by dirty paper and metal pieces? It turns out, not all that great.

My focus was on the surrounding activities, not on what is truly important. It’s akin to buying gifts, dinner, and new clothing for your lover without actually looking into her eyes and connecting with her. Sure, your actions will attract and keep a partner for a while but the relationship is empty and could end at any time.

This may seem a little too esoteric for some, and, admittedly, a couple of days before the workshop, as I read through Cat’s blog, I felt as disconnected from her advice and writing. The workshop, however, put it all together. Cat isn’t just sprouting mumbo-jumbo new-age stuff. She ties in the spiritual and mental focuses with physical practises, creating a more solid, oneness between all our human elements. Connecting with your lover on an intimate level and taking her out to a romantic dinner is far more enjoyable and complete than just doing one of those actions.

And, of course, the proof is in the pudding. When you find business owners and wealthy people seeking Cat’s advice, you know you should pay attention. If you want to increase your income, regardless of whether you’re seeking an additional R30,000 per month or R600,000 per month, I strongly advise that you book yourself in to Cat’s next workshop or grab her books on the matter, all of which can be found on her website (