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Being Dusty: Living The Principles

A guide to making the principles of Afrikaburn (and Burning Man) a regular part of our daily life.

Why Do We Need A Decompression?

A kid wanted to know why Afrikaburn goers needed a decompression. I told him why, after experiencing expressive freedom, default life can be jarring.

What is Afrikaburn?

Afrikaburn is more than a fancy dress party in the middle of nowhere. It is a glimpse of the life and culture that can become a new default.

A Million Dreams To Dream While Wide Awake

What could be more inspiring to an entertainer than a movie about a collection of misfits turned entertainers? Watch The Greatest Showman and be truly inspired! 😀

When The Darkness Comes A Calling

Have you been stabbed in the heart? A thousand blades thrust into your chest, never leaving a wound, as you cry out from a pain so intangible, yet so real.

Harden The Fuck Up

In January of this year, I began writing yet another book, a cathartic process coming to terms with the darkness within me. Here is where I begin sharing this work with the world.

I Don’t Care About You!

Remember what it was like to be curious, adventurous, to do things because you wanted to? Get to that place again. That’s where your life flourishes.

Nature In The Middle Of The City

An early morning pre-sunrise hike up one of the most recognizable natural wonders of the world, Table Mountain, in the center of Cape Town.

City Walks

I get excited about the oddest of things. Like, for example, simply being able to walk several kilometres a day in a city 😛

#SAwillRise – The South African People Take To The Streets of Cape Town

The people of South Africa take to the streets in the biggest protest marches in recent history, trooping through the streets of cities across the country, united in their desire for a corrupt president to stand down from office.

BoinQ polyamory podcast (part 2)

Part 2 of the intro to polyamory conversation on

BoinQ polyamory podcast (part 1)

Part 1 of the intro to polyamory conversation on

Marvel Meets Orishas: A Brazilian Artist Is Turning African Gods Into Superheroes · Global Voices

Superheroes from a different mythology. Can’t wait to see these guys on the big screen 😃 [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

7 Life Lessons from a Guy Who Can’t Move Anything but His Face

Pushing boundaries in the roles that I audition for, by changing mindsets, going for roles that I want. freedom,acting,perspectives,audition,confidence,boundaries,society,entertainment,industry

As the clock turns…

How I’ve treated this year that is 2016 CE, making it a phenomenal year of continuing growth and adventure.

What Kind Of Roller-Coaster Was Your 2016?

It’s the end of the year as we know it! And we’ll be fine 🙂


South Africa, you are awesome! Posts like these always get me right in the feels, reminding us that it’s the little things, the personal connections, the […]

High Rollers’ production house takes SABC to court

Update on the High Rollers SABC3 saga. Shit got real. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

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PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Bwahahaha! Mammal milk is mammal milk, right? 😉 #dairy #milk #funny #people #society [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

BBC Entertainment News

Natural is the most beautiful you can be 😘 #beauty #natural #selfworth #bodypositive [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at


The reaction to the SABC cancelling High Rollers SABC3 has been astounding. It is telling how not in touch the broadcaster may be with the public. […]

SABC3 cancels High Rollers

Inspite of the commitment to develop more local content and grow the industry, the SABC have cancelled High Rollers, leaving my fellow crew and cast jobless […]

High Rollers SABC3

Keeping up the good fight. Behind High Rollers all the way. [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Plαisir .

Taking zip lining to the next level! 😄 I so wanna do this! #surfing #flying [green_message]Source: [/green_message] Follow me on Facebook at

Ellen DeGeneres scares all her guests

In celebration of Halloween, here’s a montage of Ellen scaring her guests.


Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media.

Real-life Lightsaber Duel!

Watch a staged lightsaber battle during the Fencing Senior World Championships in Moscow 2015.

My Father’s War Interview on SA FM PM Live show

Audio recording of an interview for SA FM on my latest movie, My Father’s War

The Little Swimmer Who Could

I’m a sucker for uplifting human stories, and with the 2016 Olympics underway, there’s a few surfacing. Virtually every athlete has an interesting journey but Yusra […]

Voting For The Greater Good

3 August 2016 sees, hopefully, 26 million South Africans heading to the poll stations to vote in the municipal elections, and potentially reforming the political path of our country.

Awwww, pretty starfishes

It’s a beautiful shot of starfishes sun bathing in the beach sand 😛

My Father’s War (2016)

A bit of info about My Father’s War which premiered on 28 July 2014 and opens nationwide on 5 August 2014.

Walking the Carpet Rouge Tonight

Walking the red carpet and indulging in finger foods, photo opportunities, and social mingling at the premiere of My Father’s War

Goodbye Ravi

Following a fantastic year with the High Rollers’ team, it is time to bid farewell to King’s Casino and build a new life with cousin Neetesh in Margate.

Inspector in Vaselinetjie

Playing an inspector in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Afrikaans book, Vaselinetjie.

Onwards and Upwards

As performers and creatives, it’s especially important to be reminded that there’s always a place for us.

Enjoying the Moulés Pots at Foundry Cafe

A night out with JoziFoodWhore, sampling the new Moulés Pots from Foundry Cafe, paired with Clos Malverne wines.

Hope For Humanity

A beautiful recount of two people sharing a moment, sharing a hug, and recognising each other’s humanity.

My Father’s War

The trailer for the movie My Father’s War, in which I play the role of Billy.

Thandeka returns to school

The sitcom Thandeka’s Diary returns for a second season on SABC 1, with yours truly reprising my role as the English teacher.

Come Wine With Us

A marvelous time was had with the JoziFoodWhore at the KWV Roodeberg Come Wine With Us event in Johannesburg.

Back from the Burn

A wee video teaser of my 5th Afrikaburn adventure in 2016.

Monday Wisdom

Some Monday wisdom from a great actor and comedian, Robin Williams. 5 Life Lessons to Learn From Robin Williams (if the video doesn’t show automatically, click […]

Your naked body is not a crime

Your naked body is not a crime. You are beheld as beautiful, as you are, as you were born and formed in the same manner as […]

It’s My Burthday!

Or rather, it was my birthday 2 days back. I’ve been getting more and more excited over my birthing anniversary as the years have progressed. This […]

#Colourblind #BEF

My best friend and I showing support for the #ColourBlind initiative with a collage of our last couple years of adventure.

Free State coming soon

A year ago, I was bearded up by the lovely and talented Gerlia Groenewald for a scene in the movie Free State, shot in a temple in Newcastle. The movie, currently doing the rounds internationally, is releasing in local cinemas in April 2016.

The Cleaned Slate

Musing on possible life regrets and moving forward with a clean slate.

The Allure of South America

In October of 2015, in a bit of a state that the end of year loomed and I haven’t made an international trip yet, I decided I was going to go somewhere, anywhere. Opening up my emails, the first place to grab my attention on one of the many travel newsletter I now receive was Machu Picchu.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2016!

Pulling My Own Stunts

Tom Cruise, step aside. Jai’prakash is doing his own stunts. And referring to himself in the 3rd person. Booyah! Here’s a few shots from behind the […]

New photo from Facebook November 27, 2015 at 10:07AM

Early morning shoot in a Port Elizabeth public bathroom with Andre Russell #actorslife #seeingtheworld #cricket #fan via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook October 31, 2015 at 02:32PM

via Facebook Pages

New photo from Facebook October 31, 2015 at 02:32PM

via Facebook Pages

Sexy Rooftop Scenes

Rooftop scenes in the drizzle, with my fabulous, beautiful co-stars and our awesome director. #HighRollersOn3 #Joburg #dusk via Facebook Pages

Strategies and Workshops

via Facebook Pages

Taking Chances and Pushing Boundaries

Pushing boundaries in the roles that I audition for, by changing mindsets, going for roles that I want.

The Elves are About

If you go down to Emperors Palace today, you’re in for a big surprise.

Beyond Being Socially Awkward and Lonely

When comedian Robin Williams killed himself, I was very tempted to jump on the bandwagon and tout the issue of social depression and what a problem […]

Chatting about Polyamory on Radio 702

Spent this evening chatting with Radio 702‘s Aubrey Sibusiso Masango about Polyamory. via My Facebook Page

Good Food and Wine

This last weekend saw some of my High Rollers SABC3 compadres at the Good Food and Wine expo in Johannesburg. We did a group interview and […]

Sharing the Pizza Love with some awesome kids

So I spent Monday afternoon with the crew and artists of Talent-ETC Artist Management at President Kruger Kinderhuis, an orphanage in Pretoria. Roman’s Pizza generously provided […]

One Lonely Tear: The new McDonald’s Spicy Range

Crazy times on the McDonald’s spicy range commercials. Had a lot of fun working on these.

It’s happening tonight

The exciting season 2 of #HighRollersOn3 premieres tonight! 19:30 on SABC 3. Catch the week’s episodes on YouTube. Note that episodes are only available online for […]

High Rollers Season 2 Launch

Had a rad time at the High Rollers SABC3 launch party. Special thanks to @Calvano for making me look so frikkin’ amazing. Be sure to catch […]

Behind the Scenes on The Deadline

One of the great things about being a not-yet-rich actor is I still get to hang out in rather snazzy places. Had great fun shooting on […]

Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee on Success, Creativity and Following Your Passion

Some Selfie Fun on the High Rollers Set

High Rollers season 2 is coming soon in a new time slot. Look out for us from the 29th June 2015, 19:30, now showing 3 days […]

6 Lovely Quotes from The Little Prince to Help Us Grow.

Beautiful reminders on living a happy life. Growing up doesn’t imply getting old, it’s more about engaging with life in a mature and fun manner. It’s possibly surprising how many adults aren’t growed up and how many children are.

Remember, every day, what’s really important.

via My Facebook Page

Guaranteed to Impress

Wow. Click the photo for a few things that are pretty much guaranteed to impress you. I’m impressed at how impressive this is. Source: 15 Things […]

When Death Comes, Old Friend

And then there is this fan created piece floating about the Internet, continuing the tribute to the late Terry Pratchett. I would love to acknowledge the […]

Goodbye, Sir Pratchett. Journey Well.

“IT IS TIME.” The voice rang in his head like a hollowed out lump of oak, conveniently bypassing his ears, hurdling deftly over his auditory channels, […]

Moving Art Pieces

Tonight, as part of Jittery Citizens, myself and my fellow performers portrayed moving art pieces on a corporate gig at the beautiful new Four Seasons Hotel […]

Be In The Know With i-Traffic

Dressing up for a party can go awry if you’re not properly informed.

Making a Guru

Behold some photos of the Guru making process on Free State. The movie shoot wraps today and hits the cutting room. Unfortunately, South African audiences will […]

Thandeka’s Diary first episode airs today

The title sequence for Thandeka’s Diary season 1.

Laugh a Minute

Catch me in Thandeka’s Diary Monday night (9 February 2015) on SABC 1. Rip roaring comedy to get your week started.

Wrapped on Thandeka’s Diary

After 4 fun weeks of shooting, we are wrapped on Thandeka’s Diary. Frikkin awesome working with director @mandla_n on this kickass sitcom. (via Facebook Pages)

Get Schooled

Catch me in Thandeka’s Diary Monday night (9 February 2015) on SABC 1. Rip roaring comedy to get your week started.

Looking rad in teacher garb

Catch #ThandekasDiary on SABC 1 from next Monday.

Neil Gaiman reveals the secret to successful authorship

The Enchantress will never forgive us for pilfering the berries that would awake her child. In the eons that have elapsed, not even halfway are we to the goal of a thousand berries in her tummy.

The Exercise Plan

Exercise plans and fitness intentions have come and gone many times over the years and who’s to say how different this time will be. Long term […]

Everyone’s on Their Own Journey

This is something that comes up for me a fair amount. I get very lost in my own processes and needs and desires and life that I sometimes forget that everybody is on their own journey.

Resetting the system: My December Detox

Resetting my internal system, and moving on to more healthy, balanced and nutritious eating habits, I’m now more energetic eating less and with less sleep.

What an Awesome Year!

What an Awesome Year! Here’s to celebrating its opportunities and challenges 🙂

Why I’ve Not Been Writing in Forever

So, in this period of no blog posting, I’ve ironically been reconnecting with my passionate love for writing. Strange but true.

The End Is Nigh!

Actually the end came and went. My website went belly up recently. I’m in the process of restoring my content and links. I’ll hopefully have everything […]

Being Happy with Determination

The year before last I worked on a private project I’d called “Happy No Matter What”, which involved consciously making the effort to realise internal happiness […]

I Believe That We’re All A Little Weird

Unique New York, Unique New York. It’s a vocal exercise. Try it. Pronounce the words fully, enunciating each syllable. You neek, Neyoo York. Pretty cool, hey? […]

Argh! Kentucky Fried SD Card!

I am always going on about how awesome my mobile device is, with its ability to withstand drops on concrete, dips in the ocean, dust and […]

What Did You Do Today?

How often do we get asked what we did today and just present the general, well-rehearsed response, “Aw, nothin’”? How horrible! Even zombies don’t just do […]

I Never Want To Cry At Happy Endings Again

So, apparently, we don’t cry because we’re happy. We cry because we’ve lost hope of achieving our happy endings.

BEE: The Musical

The final edit of our 48 Hour Film Project in 2013, a musical scripted and completed in 2 days.

Live Action Dead Island

You’ve seen the original reverse Dead Island trailer. Now watch it in live action in this incredible shot-for-shot remake by MachinaPrime.

Exploring Boundaries Through Social Cuddling

While I may be something of an expert cuddler, this was my first introduction to an officially organised, internationally-established Cuddly Party. This is a professionally facilitated space encouraging connection, boundary respect, and freestyle cuddling.

What is Natural?

If you’re going to reject something for not being natural, why aren’t you naked?

We Need A Group?!

Why the sense of community is important to foster and maintain, particularly amongst poly-oriented people and other fringe sub-cultures.

An honest trailer for Pacific Rim

Thanks to Geeks Are Sexy, I came across this Honest Trailer for this year’s popular flick, Pacific Rim. To be perfectly honest, while the movie was […]

The Poly Palooza!

After a long and eventful few days, Sunday afternoon winded down the weekend with a relaxing gathering for the Johannesburg leg of South Africa’s Polyamory group. The last one for this year. And the last one organised by ctrl-Alt-sex’er, Avri, as me and mey compadres take over for 2014.

Namaste, Motherfucker

This video cracks me up. And ever since, I can’t say “Namaste” without “Motherfucker” immediately popping into my head. At least, I only verbalize in preferred […]

Why so Serious?

Life is a joke. We are the players of a performance, playing our respective roles, filling in our piece of the story, together weaving a tapestry […]

The Reset Button

Talking about being sad, being angry and wishing there was a reset button to clear all the devastation caused by humanity.

Realising Freedom

So much of this. Appropriate for my current self-evolution and, really, the space and attitude I’ve been seeking most of my life. 🙂 I’m glad to […]

It Just Delights Your Heart

This is the original video post by Jia Jiang when, on day 3 of his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy, sweet Krispy Kreme employee, Jackie Braun […]

Getting Rejected Can Be So Worth Your While

We all find rejection hard. Check out this video that demonstrates why this is a fear we could all do with getting over.

Bums and Brains

Yesterday was an incredibly full day. Following some vibey training, and a multi-location shoot, I dolled up with my best friend and indulged in a brilliant Halloween dinner of brains and other interesting fodder.

Completed my first Critical Mass

The Halloween edition. Critical Mass is a cycling event usually held on the last Friday of every month to promote safe cycling through the city. In […]

The State of Oblivion

I’ve endured a consistent bout of depression throughout my life. Every few months, I need to retract and wallow and remain under covers for a few […]

Never too late for now

One of my biggest phobias has been missing out. Throughout at least the last fifteen years I’ve feared missing out on all the opportunities in life […]

Wallow, wallow, fucking wallow

Okay, so I do tend to wallow a hell of a lot when I’ve got nothing else to occupy my mind. These past few months have […]

Oh to be a better me

Working through an exercise of things I feel I “should” have or be doing in myself, I, in jest, wrote that “I should be a better […]

Three Weeks Down. Where’re we at?

I’m at the end of the third week of Project Me! Woot! What can I say has come of this mission of self-indulgence? Well, apart from […]

I’m Just a Dreamer

My alarm clock app is set to gently wake me up each day fading in a randomly played track from a playlist I’ve put together of […]

Grandmothers and Woodcutters; Love and Security

There’s a woman, Debbie Howes, who runs a variety of workshops that operate around the archetypes in the Red Riding Hood story. The ones that particularly […]

Not What You Should Do, But What You Want To Do

Totally in keeping with yesterday’s post, today I received this message from the Universe: Not what you should do, Jai, but what you want to do; […]

Admitting What We Are

So I’ve recently got into the whole Game of Thrones thing. I haven’t quite procured the books yet but I have been catching up on the […]

My New Exercise Regimes Get The Endorphins Flowing

I enjoy being active, and have a fairly natural endurance which allows me to do nothing physically strenuous for months and then hike 20kays in one […]

Inspiring Others

Recently I accidentally came across the Experience Project website, a collective idea that allows folks to share, anonymously if desired, various experiences in their lives and […]

The First Andrea Bocelli

I’m not sure why but the aged memory of an interview with Mr Bocelli popped into my head today. I’d seen it on TV many years […]

The Gentle Patter of Summer Rains

After the rush about on Friday, this weekend was actually very chilled. I spent yesterday with the family, including my sis-in-law and nephews in Fordsburg, perusing […]

Garbage Collection and Museums of Colour

simply recapping a fulfilling day of performance and audition.

The No-Excuse Mentality

Continuing the thread of trust from a few days back, with all that happened today, I was reminded of being open to life and what comes […]

I’m Big in Laudium

Turns out I’m quite popular in the suburb of Laudium 🙂

High Rollers NOT cancelled

To ease the minds of fans of the High Rollers series that debuted on SABC 3 earlier this year, I’m here to let you know that […]

Controlling the focus

I came across this image a few weeks back and since then have noticed that it (and a few variations) are doing the rounds on the […]

Checking in on the Project Me progress

It’s been a week since I commenced the Project Me project and I’ve documented a few of the insights presented over the past seven days. As […]

Comfortably Unhappy

This morning, amid a few adjustments to my schedule and a variety of things that were irritating me, my mind went to the fact that, while […]

I’m Still Here!

Gah. So, while I did write up posts for the last two days on the Project Me theme, my site was down for a bit and […]


I’ve been really enjoying writing more consistently this week. My creative juices have been engaged and the words are just flowing. It helps to have a […]

Put Away Childish Things

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a man, […]

6 Things The World Could Learn From Burning Man

This year was only my second trip to Afrikaburn, the local leg of Burning Man, and it continues to be totally a mind-altering, uplifting experience. This […]

Grooving with the kiddies

Having fun with the kids in Erasmia as we prepare for their school show, the Garbage Collector.

Trust Your Journey

While looking at images following the theme of this morning’s post, I came across this item by Tama Kieves. How awesome, yeah?

Trusting the Journey

Having made this recent decision to actively engage with “bettering” my life, I thought it was useful to express how important it is to trust in […]

My Own Project Me

A few years ago, my friend, Jodene, committed to what she called “Project Me”, a daily blogging commitment, dedicated to her growth and personal evolution, writing […]

Molly en Wors movie première

Just got back from the Molly en Wors première. Nice to finally see the finished product. My scenes were shot over a year ago, I’d pretty […]

Defending Multi-partner Relationships

This article was published recently advocating, in its simple view, that the whole polyamory movement isn’t doing much for the sexual revolution or women’s rights. Here […]

Jo-Ann Strauss Online Presenter Search

A little late in the game but I only learned about the online presenter search a couple of days ago. Here’s what Mina Demian and I […]

Freshly Squeezed on the Expresso Show

This morning, I had a short telephonic interview with Katlego Maboe on SABC 3’s Expresso Show. Thank the gods it was telephonic so I could still […]

Nothing is Without Meaning

Hugh Jackman is one of those actors that I always get that warm feeling in my belly that he’s made it as big as he has. […]

Belief, Connection, and Passion

I posted yesterday about the importance of sharpening our core acting foundational skills. In the workshop I attended on Saturday, Sandeep spoke about the fundamentals of […]

Workshopping with Bollywood, Hollywood and SA-llywood stars

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be part of the Utkarsh Acting Workshop held at Gaabo Motho Culture Village which was further away from Johannesburg than […]

High Rollers Episodes Gone Private

It turns out that the old episodes of High Rollers are no longer available on the SABC3 YouTube channel. This could only mean a DVD release […]


While mulling over the excess free-time I have recently come into, I found myself reading a post I made toward the end of last year. Here lies the resulting reflections.

High Rollers season 1

[ UPDATE: All episodes are no longer available on SABC3’s YouTube Channel. The series will hopefully be available on DVD in due course. ] Watch the […]

Kartoffels, brownies, and idle mules

A continuation of my report on this year’s Arts Festival concisely reviewing the few shows I watched. It would be useful to note that I am not critically qualified and the views presented here are solely my own and based on my sense of what the heck satisfies my personal sense of entertainment.

Oh my God! I burnt myself with Glühwein!

My report on this year’s Arts Festival concisely reviewing a few shows I watched. It would be useful to note that I am not critically qualified and the views presented here are solely my own and based on my sense of what the heck satisfies my personal sense of entertainment.

A Wee Bit Of A Downer

Got a bit of a naff review, based on a rather flat performance, in Artsblog yesterday. The sentiment is sound, encouraging us to keep the energy […]

A Little Feedback on the Grahamstown Trip

We arrived with our little set and props, settled into our Festival home and remained under house arrest rehearsing most intensely for the next four days. This is our Festival story.

Some photos from Encore!

Robynne Peatfield from CuePix took some really cool photos of our more crazy faced scenes this morning.

The Interesting Reactions of Fans

This morning, I was perusing the inordinately small men’s section of the Plumstead Pep for potential Encore costumes when the conversational shouting of one of the […]

Cloning Facebook Profiles

This story is a few weeks old but I only got wind of it in the last day. A bit of background for those people who […]


Encore! is a new comedy written and directed by Debbie Robertson, and starring Tarryn Saunders and Jai’prakash premièring at this year’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

Archetypical Expression Day 1: The Epic Combi Ride

Ages Out of Jo’burg Again, in typical Jai fashion, I packed my bag on the morning of our trip. As a result, I left behind my […]

Archetypical Expression: Afrikaburn 2013

This year marks my second trip to the Afrikaburn 2013 festival, my first experience in the middle of nowhere having been so awe-fulled and exciting, there […]

Got Patience?

Patience is running out in our modern society. Modern society. That refers to a social group that’s current, living in the present, up to date. But, […]

A Resistance to Writing

This past month, I’ve had a definite resistance to sitting down and writing something. I haven’t missed it. These phases have become standard in my life. […]

First Episode of High Rollers a Hit

Based on the numerous positive tweets and Facebook posts, we have a hit on our hands! The first episode of High Rollers aired tonight on SABC […]

Styling It At The High Rollers Media Launch

Last night was the media launch for Rous House Productions’ fantastic new show High Rollers. Naturally, the event was held at Emperors Palace (our primary shooting […]

First glimpses of High Rollers

The first glimpses of publicity for our upcoming casino drama, High Rollers. Soon on SABC3 🙂

In Mother Nigeria Time Does Not Equal Money

Remember that dodgy audition? Well, I was confirmed for the production. Turns out it was actually very professionally executed. The movie is for a Nigerian audience, […]

A Seemingly Dodgy Casting

I secured a casting for a movie today. On the theme of confidence, I put forward my resume for a casting call that included only British […]

Pushing Too Much On My Performance

Today, my director on an impromptu walk to the eating area, gave me sound advice, revealing what I’d been dreading that I’d been putting out there. […]

Who am I acting to?

We did a very farcical group scene today involving a lot of shouting and subsequent excited running out of the casino. It was awesome. I’m looking […]

I Love a Good Ego Boost

I’ve always had a bit of a confidence / low self-worth issue. It’s deep seeded and I’ve been dealing with it since my preteens. I’ve noticed […]

It’s Amazing How Well I Can Fall Off A Donkey

Fellow actors may not agree with this sentiment but I have always felt that acting is one of the easiest jobs there is. One must get […]

Observing the Rise and Fall of Mr Armstrong

This weekend, I’m observing a fair number of social posts commenting on the drama of Lance Armstrong’s drug usage and the resultant media stoning. Personally, I […]

Production Kicks Off For High Rollers

This week kicks off principal production for High Rollers, the new casino drama set to hit SABC3 screens in early April. We official began work last […]

Rushing to Get There

Élouise and myself drove through from Cape Town to Johannesburg over the last two days. It was a very pleasant drive yesterday even though we only […]

DVDs an obsolete technology?!

Élouise has a bit of a tradition involving the viewing of a favourite children’s animation on Christmas Day. The tradition has evolved to include any animation […]

My Superior Self

Over the years, I’ve become accustomed to getting quiet and having the internal conversation with my knowing self and going “Wow! Why aren’t you the one […]

The Winds of Change in My Performance Career

Last year I made a difficult decision regarding my career in the performing world. Things were not going well for me, I was slipping further into […]

Hi ho, Hi Ho, On the Windows 8 bandwagon I go!

Well, Windows 8 released toward the end of October. I finally got my copy shipped a week ago thanks to limited supplies. I’ve taken my time […]

If I can make one person pee today

If I can make at least one person smile, or pee their pants a little, then my day was not wasted.

Afrikaans is mos lekker, ne!

So, I’ve just been reflecting and find it interesting that three of my roles this year have been primarily within the Afrikaans market. While 7de Laan […]

Talent-Etc Unique Me Campaign

Woohoo! 141 Brave UniqueMe artists bumping and grooving in a 5 minute slot! This Is Not Another Show Reel (by Talent-Etc)

Molly en Wors, some behind the scenes piccies

A few photos from the Molly en Wors shoot.

Flaunting My Super Gees

The Super Gees campaign aired today. In May, we shot for two days, the first day doing the shop scene in Benoni. I think I had […]

Molly en Wors, the movie

Following my 7de Laan stint, I have been asked to play the role of Neville Naidoo on the upcoming Molly en Wors Movie, a popular KykNet show catering to the Afrikaans market.

Getting Ridden Can Be Fun

A while back, I did the shoot for the new King Price ad. The ad aired recently and is rather humourous. I could barely recognise myself. […]


Well, I’m in the paper. Get today’s Star Tonight. Do it.

Losing self consciousness at Afrikaburn

For the first time in my life, this year, I spent the last week at Afrikaburn, the African leg of Burning Man. And, I have this […]

Middle of Nowhere: My Afrikaburn Experience

(This post is also on the official Afrikaburn Binnekring blog. Check it out here.) I woke up in the middle of nowhere. The grey morning skies […]

Naked expression – dressing up by dressing down

When I looked for videos related to Afrikaburn and Burning Man before heading to my first Burn this year, I found: Watching this video got me […]

Not As Good As I Could Be

Pretty much a month into my 7de Laan job and I can firmly say that I’m not winning any accolades. I feel like a bit of […]

Journey of Souls

Journey of Souls, the movie we shot in Hogsback is out of production and on the Internet. I’m not entirely impressed with the final product. It […]

It’s Soapie Time with 7de Laan!

It’s confirmed, I have a major role on the popular South African soapie, 7de Laan. I went for the audition and call-back a few weeks back […]

Birthday in Middle Earth

This weekend past was my birthday. And it was spent in Middle Earth. Or, at least, the inspiration for Middle Earth. If you have no idea […]

Gigabyte T1125 – My Desktop In My Backpack

The Gigabyte T1125 is, in my opinion, an amazing piece of technology that means I don’t have to have a plethora of devices that I need […]

Publicity Photos

A collection of my headshots, publicity and randomly expressive photos 🙂

Santa, the Regular Guy

I recently shot two episodes of web series Santa, The Regular Guy with Brian Kenny. They’re, er, okay. We had a tremendous amount of fun on […]

Still Got Game

Having had to turn down a main role for the Wedding Party due to personal conflicts (and much to my disappointment), I received an offer to still participate with the show a few months down the line.

Know Where Your Thankfulness Lies

We all have moments when we’re grateful and moments when we’re not. Peggy McColl, author and inspiration coach, is the one of the few people that […]

Major Turnoffs

Knee-jerk turn-offs that cause me to impulsively want to remove myself from a person’s presence.

Difficult Decisions

Reflecting on the hardships of the entertainment lifestyle.

Yoging In Jeans

Yoga is a way to get back into contact with the body-mind, forming a better connection to your personal spirit aspect which can only communicate with […]

Gazing At My Ass

The last time I remember heading off to a yoga class was the beginning of last year. En route I crashed my car, didn’t make it […]

Is It Tragic Only If People Know About It?

Thanks to the “news” provided to me by collective Facebook and Twitter statii, I learned that singer Amy Winehouse died recently (probably in the last day […]

Thinking About Fuel Gauges

This is a response that I made to a friend’s introspective mass mail. Her email is immediately below, and my original response follows. I’ve not edited […]

I’m All About The B-Horror

When I’ve not been in the field for a period, I do tend to forget how exciting a performance set is. Today was dedicated to assisting […]

My Own Worst Enemy

“We have seen the enemy and it is us.” – Pogo I am a natural dreamer. By this I mean that I have always concocted ideas […]

An American Doppel-Ganger

Last year on shoot for a Wimpy-Engen advert, in which I play a jovial fisherman, one of the crew commented to the director that I reminded […]

First Enlightedment, Then The Dishes

There is a story about a young man who had spent years seeking enlightenment and was, one day, walking up a long road up a mountain […]

The Challenging State of the Enlighted

We oft believe that enlightenment implies we are free of worldly burdens. This can be true but, generally, isn’t.

Did Nothing Musically Significant Happen Last Decade?

It would be sad to think that in the next few years, nobody would be able to pinpoint a song as being distinctly from the 00s or the 10s.

A Beach Outside My Bedroom Door

We eventually only left Bazley at 5pm, heading over to Ballito in the North Coast for the night. The beach-house that will be our lodgings this […]

Power in the Sand

Today, being our last day, was immensely full. The training pretty much done, we now have a feast of a lunch left and the closing ceremony. […]

Back to the Body

I haven’t been in Ka Huna space in a long time. It had become my opportunity to return to my body in a focused and purposeful […]

I disappoint You, You disappoint Me

My night was froth with dreams of disappointment. While I can’t remember the details now that I’m awake, I have the sense that every dream had […]

What did you learn today?

Yesterday, Sharon (my fellow Ka Huna assistant) and I shared a conversation on careers and money-making systems. She is an artist and hadn’t yet found a […]

A Moonlit Ride

After settling in, it became apparent that there was a fair number of essential goodies missing. Like an extra pot. Following my receiving a brief massage, […]

The Get Rich Slow Scheme

It’s about putting years of work into building your financial backbone.

Smoothies and Beach Sand

My sleep broke quite early and I lay in bed for about an hour and a half, partly listening to the crashing of the ocean waves, […]

Return to Bazley

Our trip started at 6:15 in the morning. At least the sun was out, shedding its soft winter light on the world. The streets had already […]

I Chose The Wrong Story Lock

Beginning in my childhood, I’d got the idea that there wasn’t enough time in my life. The first notion of this was, when I was between […]

The Hawaiian Dance

Anthea, my Ka Huna teacher and friend, invited me to partake in a Level 3 training retreat. This would be the first Level 3 in a […]

The Day I Bathed In The Livingroom

Treat it as you want it

There’s an old saying that goes if you give a Rolls-Royce to a VW Beetle drive, within a year or so, that Rolls-Royce will run like […]

Never Say Never

Jack of All: My Many Talents

The old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” has been flung my way. The truth is I have mastered all my talents.

Everything Makes You More

Information Is Only Half The Equation

Shelving Breakdown… for now

Make Money Helping Us Make Our Movie

Earn R2,500 a pop by finding us investors for our movie project.

How I Didn’t Restore My Eyesight

Ten years ago I learned how to heal my eyesight. I didn’t. Turns out it wasn’t important enough.

Church of My Heart

Dealing with the dark emotions that often raise their mischievous heads.

The Importance of Job Money

It takes time and effort to build your business; make sure you can balance your job-life with this.

You May Want To Stop Fighting Yourself

You are only going to manifest your desires when your entire mind is properly focused. Bet yours isn’t.

A Discussion with the Son of God

He said he was the son of God, a man among men: An interesting delve into the drunken mind of a homeless man intent on finding God.

This Isn’t A One Man Show

Locally produced movies don’t often have the right people doing the right jobs. South Africans try to do everything themselves.

Political Tea and Cake

The presence and proper branding of a political party can do so much to increase their supporting numbers.

Warning: Low-Budget Movie Coming Through

By American standards, a low-budget movie would be about $500,000 to $750,000. In SA, it’s roughly the equivalent of less than $100,000.

Perfection, as usual

The Universal Notes usually have the most awesome timing. Today’s said: For the one who continues, failure becomes impossible.

It’s Good To Be Rich

Despite feeding the Lottery coffers with their hard-earned money, the vast majority don’t believe in the goodness of being rich thanks, in p

Italian Food Franchise says Up Yours

Always was impressed with the take-out food. Now a sit-down at Col’Cacchio’s has upped my service level expectation as well. Impressed.

Table Manners

My girlfriend has been studying the TEFL method of Teaching English to Foreign Language students (hence the acronym) earlier this year. I remember that one of […]

Training Up The Industry

The production company which has spawned BollySAMo is called Apeiro. Apeiro is basically the brainchild behind the movie project, Breakdown. What I love about this company […]

Women and Their Money

I picked up Suzie Orman’s book, Women And Money, today. As I started reading her introduction, my first reaction was, “This is totally sexist! Why should […]

Restructuring a Breakdown

The proper structure of commercial stories have been tried and tested, yet South African movie-makers still fail to follow it.

Where’s The Oasis?

We live in an era of instant gratification. Fast foods, fast information, fast communication, instant banking, instant diets, instant everything. We can’t escape it. And so […]

Movie Review: Eternity

When I first saw the Eternity trailer, I will admit I was mildly excited. Apart from the grating Boksburg accent, the production quality and stunts looked […]

Do You Really Want To Make Money?

Do you really want to learn to make money or are you looking for a quick fix? Most people fall short on their finances and blame the economy

Weekend Medication

Aside from getting a decent dose of sleep this weekend, I also had my mind blown by some Money Medicine.

An Affair With Money

What is your relationship with money? I had to examine my own at a workshop I did yesterday with Cat Glennie called Money Medicine.

No More Jaan

Despite some annoyance, being cut from Jaan proves to be a good thing, and frees up time and resources.

What’s the point in trying?

Losers always whine about doing their best. Winners go home and do the prom queen.

SAGA’s ball is rolling

A brief reportback on the first AGM of SA’s new Actor’s Guild.

Survival of the one with the most stamina

Lack of sleep and a bushel of unfulfilled promises cause me to rant like a toothless tiger.

Who needs sleep anyway?

Four hours of sleep make Jai a crabby boy.

Does Anybody Know You Exist?

You may be the best thing since sliced bread but, no matter your uniqueness, if the greater world doesn’t know, you may as well live in a de

When is Your Someday?

Dreams that are someday in the vague future willl always be in the future. Set deadlines and actively work toward them.

The month in review

A quick recap on my performance doings (and not-doings) in March 2011.

Be a Practical Positive

Virtually everyone in the motivational arena, including myself, talks about the importance of positive thinking. Having a positive frame of mind is very important to your […]

Jaan: Shoot Day 1

We finished seven of the forty-odd scenes. All in all, a very smooth shoot accomplished in a shorter time than I expected.

Hands of Magic

This year has been particularly draining and the more wrapped up I get in my ventures, the easier it has been to forget my worth.

Remember Your Worth

This has been an odd fortnight. One of the things that has come out of it is something I want to share with you and that […]

Take as much as you give

I often waggle my finger at people who overdo it, draining themselves in their projects and deadlines. And here I am doing the same.

Jaan: The Resurrection

Over a year since I’ve been cast in Jaan, we seem to be finally resurrecting the project.

You’re special even when you’re not

We’ve been conditioned in this western society of external materialism that if we’re not getting the right feedback, it’s a reflection of ou

Not Everybody Wants To Be Free

It took time to accept that not everybody, myself included in certain instances, truly wants the freedom they may claim to desire. How can that be? […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

I came across a book last week called Why is God Laughing? The foreword states it’s because He gets the joke. Have you ever really thought […]

This is Where Your Chains Fall

The books I spoke off in my last gabble have been very inspiring. Yes Man, while following the same concept of grabbing the Yeses, is fairly […]

An Unpredictable Industry

It’s not far into the year and already I’m getting a bit bummed out about the entertainment industry.

Positively Negative

In a previous article, I mentioned that many self-help and motivational advice point to controlling your focus. There’s often the directive to be happy, think positively […]

Always time for humour

I felt really good falling asleep last night. Despite being thoroughly unaccountably tired, I was in a nice space, my dreams were pleasant and I had […]

Loving the Traffic

Since I moved to Johannesburg, for the longest time, I did criticize and complain about the traffic. It’s a silly phenomenon, resulting from poor design and […]

Swimming Pool Renovations

A week or two back, I was chatting to a fellow healing therapist about how irregular our clients are with their sessions. As alternative healers, we […]

Allowing the Grief

Many modern coaching techniques and self-help media emphasize that what you focus on will manifest in your life. This is very true. Unfortunately many people, particularly […]

Respect Yourself, oh Magnificent Actor

Be a starving artist or a well-fed one. Ultimately, the choice is always yours.

Addicted to Helping my Self

I picked up my first self-help book some time in highschool. Up until that time, I had already experience many bouts of depression, hadn’t much self-esteem, […]

The Birth of BollySAMo

Some time last year, I connected with a pair of producers intent on upping the standards of the South African movie industry and make a fortune […]

Spending is An Emotional Exercise

I am sure you’re aware of how emotional shopping has become in the last century. There was a time when buying was very much a practical […]

Ruthless Love

Sorry to burst bubbles but if you think love is entirely la la and full of scented rose petals, you’re very much mistaken. Real love is […]

Loving Where You Are

There’s a billboard on the N1 Highway as it leaves Johannesburg that says “Love what surrounds you”. Have you ever tried loving everything around you? So […]

Wimpy and Engen – Enjoy the Journey

We had a fun morning shooting this video out in Heidelburg area. Got to hang out with AKing and be a bit of a fanboy while […]

Kick butt and chew bubblegum

Life isn’t a box of roses. Very rarely do you get handed everything on a platter, silver or otherwise. Life is hard. So is climbing a […]

Five Keys to Lifelong Learning

Keep an open mind – always question, always be ready to accept new ideas and different strategies. You can’t learn anything new if you take the […]

I Feel Pretty – Tech Rehearsal

I’ve been involved with a friend’s production since end of last year in which he wrote a me in as the lead character. It’s a very […]

Blurting it out

I say what I want, even if it ain’t what I mean.

Ask and You Shall Receive

I came across this article last week about comedian Craig Rowan who asked for a million dollars on a Youtube video. Apparently someone gave it to […]

Attitude isn’t everything

Isn’t it a lovely day to cuddle in bed? Well, it is up in the Gauteng area. Beautiful weather. When you awoke this morning, what was […]

Are you operating from opportunity or necessity?

Many years ago, one of my teachers and mentors told me that we advance ourselves, as individuals and as a people, either out of opportunity or […]

Do what you love doing

The simple answer to the question above is you’re doing it because you believe you need to. I can certainly empathise with you if that was […]

What makes you happy?

The other day, I said “Do what you do for the joy that it brings you”. So tell me, how often do you do the things […]

Wealth and Money

Could you be one of the wealthiest people that have lived on this planet. Why do I say this? Because now, more than any time in […]

Confidence is key

I trust that you’ve had a fantastic new year and enjoyed your festive holiday. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue that holiday mood? We often feel […]

Where are all the sixes?

My first cricket advert shot for the upcoming SuperSport Pro20 series (with Anel Alexander).

Business Builder Comparison Chart

Feature Trial and 1 Star 2 Stars 3 Stars Website Funnel – customise the HF look with own photo and bio – Full Access to All […]

Looking for Options

Most people are working in what we fondly call the rat race. They trade their time for a salary which doesn’t always fulfil their needs. For […]

Network Marketing

Network Marketing, also known as Multilevel Marketing or MLM, is a business model that companies have relatively recently adopted. The basic idea is that the company […]

The Sweet Language of Life

A breakthrough in wellness technology, this video tells the story of the effects of glyconutrients on our health. You need JavaScript to be active to view […]

Spiritual Economics

(this article is copyright by Serge King 1996) The issue of money is a very important one for people all around the world. Some people want […]

Attributes Every Leader Shares

Every great leader has qualities and characteristics that stand out but there are a few attributes that you will find in every one. First of all, […]

The Compensation Plan

HealthyFortune is an independent associate of Mannatech, a research and development company, specialising in Real Food™ wellness technology. Utilising the network marketing model and Mannatech’s compensation […]

Making Money without Having Money

A very common and inaccurate belief is that you need money to make money. Don’t worry, I believed that, too, once upon a time. And, yes, […]

Keep Going

The following clip is from the movie “Facing The Giants”. Where will you be if you didn’t put limits on yourself?

Saving and Earning

“You need money to make money.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. You might even believe it. It’s not a fact. Many of the world’s wealthiest […]

Keeping Focus

I believe that you can achieve just about anything if you’re willing to put in the effort. Granted, you may not have the natural predisposition for […]

Why Shift My Paradigm?

A paradigm is a pattern or model, a habitual way of thinking. It’s the way you see the world. Many people cannot get from where they […]

What Networking is and isn’t

What Network Marketing is: Network Marketing, also known as Multilevel Marketing or MLM, is a business model that companies have relatively recently adopted. The basic idea […]

Five Keys to Lifelong Learning

Keep an open mind – always question, always be ready to accept new ideas and different strategies. You can’t learn anything new if you take the […]

Special Offer for Cat Glennie’s Clients

Transform Yourself Take time off to energize,connect with your body,reawaken your inner power andenhance your peace of mind and sense of well-being. Book a Ka Huna […]

Ka Huna – The Process

Ka Huna is a very individual experience. A Ka Huna therapist needs to be sensitive to the individual needs of each client, aware of what clients […]

Bodywork Session Specials

Invite your friends For every 5 friends you refer who book a full treatment, you will receive a free full-body Ka Huna Transformational treatment for yourself. […]

Dial Direct Less Yada Yada More Ching Ching

Chatting to oversized talking hands isn’t as intimidating as you’d expect. Here’s me being all impatient in the latest Dial Direct ad.

No prize for second best

I struggle through my third sweat lodge, reflecting on being present and facing my hurts instead of hiding from them.

This is the greatest moment of your life and you’re missing it!

I’ve started down the path of Tantra. I’ve finally sunk to the point where I can let the pain be, and be with it. “Once you […]


Some photos from our production of Aladdin, directed and reconceptualised by Joyce Levinsohn musical direction by Kevin Feather for The National Children’s Theatre

Doctor Faustus

Photos from the Tragic Life and Death of Doctor Faustus directed by Steven Feinstein.

Religious Pretences

I was at a house warming earlier this evening. More specifically, I was at a prayer ceremony for a new house. Most of the Hindus I […]

Transformational Bodywork

Often, when telling peeps what I do in terms of my healing work, they respond with an obligatory raised eyebrow and, sometimes, the screwed up what-are-you-on […]

Sacred Romances

While the vast majority of humans in today’s society have gotten over this idea of elitism when it comes to romances, there are still many people […]

What’s in A Name?

What is, indeed, in a name? Sometimes, it can be a lot. Emotional ties, memories, painful or pleasant, are easily linked to names, whether that name […]

Exploring Secrets

About a year and a half ago, a dvd called The Secret was released. This year, a book by the same title, written by the movie’s […]

To Live The Label

This is almost an extension of the previous post. I was told last night that I’m not Indian. Now, anybody who’s ever seen me can quite […]

Normal Persons

Recently, during a chat with a friend, the topic of conversation shifted to some of my gay friends showing interest in me knowing that I am […]

Committed Couple

Ceremonies, like those that officiate a marriage, are extremely important not only to the pair entering said union but, equally, to their families and closer friends. It seems to me that often the ceremony is given far more importance than the marriage itself.

Sweeney Todd

I played Adolfo Pirelli and once he was killed, I continued as Mr Fogg in the 2007 production of Startimers’ Sweeney Todd. Here are some backstage […]

Enlighten me

So, what does it mean to be enlightened? I had somebody pose that question to me recently. There’s, of course, the dictionary definition: the state of […]

We all fall down

I just watched Die Hard 4. For those who’ve not seen it (and don’t mind me spoiling it for them) the movie’s plot centres on what […]

Dressing sideways

Looking at a video clip with two black clad Muslim women, I wonder about the nature of clothing. Assuming, of course, that they were Muslim. I […]

Alpha Male

For a couple of weeks, I’ve had this seething rage bubbling in me with nowhere to go. The smallest little thing seemed to irritate me. Aggravate […]

Champion Meat

By the gods, I’m tired of spam. What is the point of it? I mean, surely if there truly wasn’t a point, it wouldn’t exist, would […]

Finding my Wings

This month has been one of the longest this year, and, yet, it is suddenly over. Today I feel like I’ve woken up from a deep […]

24 Feb 2016

T20’s Most Avid Cricket Fan

A starring role in this prominent T20 Cricket campaign, I present myself as the most avid cricket fan. :-)
8 Jul 2015

One Lonely Tear: The new McDonald’s Spicy Range

Crazy times on the McDonald's spicy range commercials. Had a lot of fun working on these.
4 Mar 2015

Be In The Know With i-Traffic

Dressing up for a party can go awry if you're not properly informed.
20 Feb 2015

Making a Guru

Behold some photos of the Guru making process on Free State. The movie shoot wraps today and hits the cutting room. Unfortunately, South African audiences will […]
15 Dec 2013

BEE: The Musical

The final edit of our 48 Hour Film Project in 2013, a musical scripted and completed in 2 days.
4 Aug 2013

Jo-Ann Strauss Online Presenter Search

A little late in the game but I only learned about the online presenter search a couple of days ago. Here’s what Mina Demian and I […]
29 Jul 2013

Freshly Squeezed on the Expresso Show

This morning, I had a short telephonic interview with Katlego Maboe on SABC 3’s Expresso Show. Thank the gods it was telephonic so I could still […]
20 Jul 2013

High Rollers Episodes Gone Private

It turns out that the old episodes of High Rollers are no longer available on the SABC3 YouTube channel. This could only mean a DVD release […]