Comfortably Unhappy

This morning, amid a few adjustments to my schedule and a variety of things that were irritating me, my mind went to the fact that, while I’m not in a satisfied space, life isn’t going badly. And I remembered a tale that one of my teachers told me about a dog lying on a porch, seemingly asleep, but groaning horribly as he shifted his weight over the floorboards.

On being asked what was wrong with the dog, the owner responded, “Oh, he’s just uncomfortable because he’s lying on a bone.”

“So why doesn’t he move?”

“He’s not uncomfortable enough.”

This story has, in a way, been a guiding star in much of what I’d done in the years falling my hearing it. When life is uncomfortable, do something about it instead of just complaining. But, on the other hand, just because life isn’t uncomfortable doesn’t mean that you should be complacent either.

Unhappy Tiger

This image resonated with me; comfortably kept, well fed, but trapped does not make for a happy tiger. (photo by GamerFox)

To an extent, that’s what I feel in happening over the recent months. I’m not entirely happy with where I am and what is happening, but I’m not uncomfortable either. All my basic needs are taken care of and there’s no real motivation to effect any change. We all fall into this space. It’s quite easy actually. It’s important to become aware of it and then do something about it.

It’s fine to seek out a comfortable existence but not at the cost of your happiness. In earlier years, I’ve tended to cause my life to fall to pieces so that I am forced to make a change. Now let’s work from a more mature perspective and work on bettering situations out of opportunity than letting it become a necessity, yeah. 🙂