Hands of Magic

While receiving my treatment from Amina on Thursday, I had a moment of feeling not good enough. Given that we were swapping treatments, I felt like there was no way that I could adequately reciprocate a treatment of equal worth to what I was receiving.

I voiced this to Amina and was reminded that I shouldn’t be comparing my capability to someone else (in this case, her). Today, I mentioned the story to my friend, Sanet, another therapist. She said laughingly, “You would only feel that way because you’ve never received a massage from yourself.

“You definitely have hands of magic.”

I will admit that that was a very nice ego stroke. As mentioned in another post, I’ve received fantastic compliments from clients, so I know that my work as a transformational therapist is amazing. Yet, there are still those days when I feel human and need yet another reminder.

This year has been particularly draining and the more wrapped up I get in my ventures, the easier it has been to forget my worth. I am glad there are people around to keep reminding me.