Did Nothing Musically Significant Happen Last Decade?

This is really a point of interest. Every time I was in the car this past week in Kwazulu-Natal, I listened to the East Coast radio station. They play an awesome selection of music from the last three or so decades.

What interested me is that they promote the station with the catch phrase, “playing the best music from the 80s, the 90s and now”. This immediately got me thinking. What happened to the music from last decade?

Surely there were significant musical evolutions in the 00s. It would be sad to think that in the next few years, nobody would be able to pinpoint a song as being distinctly from the 00s or the 10s.

I suppose the songs of the 60s and 70s of last century do merge into one era in my mind but I’d imagine that people who actually lived those decades were able to distinguish the two. Not that I’m the best judge of this era’s music either. I’ve admittedly lost interest in being hip and with the current sounds in my late twenties so I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you whether a song I hear on the radio today was created in the last year or the last eight years. I tend to listen to a lot more music recommended by my Last.fm profile than what gets airplay on the radio stations.

So, yes, this rant is coming from somebody who doesn’t even listen to radio regularly. I am really wondering about the people who do. Has the music that’s been played since the end of 1999 not changed significantly over the last eleven years?

Enlighten me, s’il vous plait.