I’ve been really enjoying writing more consistently this week. My creative juices have been engaged and the words are just flowing. It helps to have a dedicated ritual, with any activity, if we want to foster a particular skill or talent.

Traditionally, I’m horrible with rituals. There’s a part of me that pushes against doing a similar activity at a similar time on a regular basis; it challenges an idea I have about freedom that is deeply etched in my psyche. Just being aware of this has not yet allowed me to overcome it, and, yes, I do realise the advantage of overcoming it. Having some sort of enforced ritual has often helped me keep grounded and less space-cadettie. I’ve found that I tend to flourish when, for example, I have a regular work or exercise schedules that I’m forced to stick to by being accountable to other people instead of it being more of a voluntary schedule that only I know of.

It’s very easy for me to abandon a self-imposed schedule. In this particular facet, my discipline levels are fairly low and I give into whim quite readily. To be honest, even tho I have committed to a regular entry for this new Project Me, a part of me is wondering how long I will last. Five days down and still at it. I should force more people to read this. That way, I have some level of accountability that’s outside of myself. Then again, I seldom really care about disappointing people. Especially if it interferes with my sleeping ritual!

Aah, right, that’s actually a self-imposed ritual that I hold to quite regularly.

Ok, now I really feel like my brain is mush and the last few lines are proof that I could do with some sweet coffee and a cinnabon. Mmmm. To the Bon dispensary! Away!