Hope For Humanity

Following another mass shooting event in the United States, this post made the rounds.

Just two people sharing a moment.

Share a hug with someone today.
We all need it.

#humanity #onelove

[Two people sharing a moment]

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#Colourblind #BEF

We are #SouthAfrican, we are #BestFriends, we are #ColourBlind.
After race differences once again became a big conflict point in South Africa, my best friend and I showed support for the #ColourBlind initiative with a collage of our last couple years of adventure.

The great thing about South Africans is that we recognize our fellow person in their entirety, inclusive of race, culture, and everything else that makes each of us uniquely us. We are all part of the same family. Let’s move forward together. #OnePeople‬ #OneFamily‬ #ColourBlind‬ #Love‬

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