What an Awesome Year!

Year 2014

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Looking back on 2014, can you make that claim?
Go on. Stand up from your tv or personal computer or tablet or mobile handset, raise your arms in the air and declare to the Universe at large, “What an Awesome Year!”

Were you able to do that? If so, that’s absolutely fantastic!
On the flip side of this coin, however, from some of the sentiments I’ve noticed on my social media streams in the past month, I imagine this might not be an easy task for a number of people.

A good many of the people I follow, am friends with or acquaintanced to, it would seem, have had a rough year. Things have not gone according to plan, unexpected twists have been presented by life, and maybe it was just a far more challenging period than expected. If you are one of those who wish this year would just end already, it is important to ask, “why?”

It is important to remember that this is just a period of time, a relatively arbitrary slice out of your life. And what happens within this slice is up to you. The established convention of one year ending and a new one starting does not, in and of itself, affect anybody’s life. It is merely a convention that we have accepted within our Westernised culture. The crucial key is you. Because, sure, there are always events and situations that are outside your control. This is going to be the case for the duration of your life. It is how you react to them, learn and grow from them, and adjust your actions accordingly that is your part in the game.

And that means taking responsibility. That means setting goals and making plans, and actively working toward said plans. That means accepting that it isn’t the year that’s bad, it is that you haven’t attained all the goals you’ve possibly set. And that’s ok. Now is the time to take stock, tweak your game plan or even scrap and create a new one, and step forward a little wiser and, perhaps, more prepared.

And be sure to recognised what you have achieved. Look back at this year, month by month, and make a list of all the things you’re grateful for. Remember the friends you’ve made, the friends you’ve kept, the trips, the learnings, things you’ve bought, things you’ve received, smiles and memories shared. You will probably find a lot to appreciate in this year. Write up that list, categorise it if you want, put it on your refrigerator or bedroom door or bathroom mirror. Remind yourself of all the good in your life and all the good you’ve experienced in this year.

Smile. Throw your arms in the air and declare to the Universe at large, “What an Awesome Year! Here’s to another one!” 😉