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Being Dusty: Living The Principles

A guide to making the principles of Afrikaburn (and Burning Man) a regular part of our daily life.

Why Do We Need A Decompression?

A kid wanted to know why Afrikaburn goers needed a decompression. I told him why, after experiencing expressive freedom, default life can be jarring.

What is Afrikaburn?

Afrikaburn is more than a fancy dress party in the middle of nowhere. It is a glimpse of the life and culture that can become a new default.

A Million Dreams To Dream While Wide Awake

What could be more inspiring to an entertainer than a movie about a collection of misfits turned entertainers? Watch The Greatest Showman and be truly inspired! 😀

When The Darkness Comes A Calling

Have you been stabbed in the heart? A thousand blades thrust into your chest, never leaving a wound, as you cry out from a pain so intangible, yet so real.

Harden The Fuck Up

In January of this year, I began writing yet another book, a cathartic process coming to terms with the darkness within me. Here is where I begin sharing this work with the world.

I Don’t Care About You!

Remember what it was like to be curious, adventurous, to do things because you wanted to? Get to that place again. That’s where your life flourishes.

Nature In The Middle Of The City

An early morning pre-sunrise hike up one of the most recognizable natural wonders of the world, Table Mountain, in the center of Cape Town.