Characters to be cast CASTING CLOSED

Harold Baker

20-30 year old. Any race. Male. Laid-back, hippy-like, friendly
Long hair and his slacker dress sense


20-30 year-old Indian male. Nerdy looking.
(will read Harold's script for audition)

Nervous Man

30-year-old Indian male. Pudgy corporate worker but looks out of place in a business suit.

Dileep's Mother and Indian Couple

2 x 40-60 year-old Indian female.
1 x 40-60 year-old Indian male.

Thugs and Bodyguards

20-40 year-old. Any race. Male. Well toned, big men. Able to do physically strenuous scenes.

Agents, Police, Guards

20-40 year-old. Any race. Male and Female. Well toned is a bonus. Must be willing and able to do physically strenuous scenes.

Business Men

30-60 year-old. Any race.

Cashier, Secretary, Servant

20-30 year-olds. Non-white. Female.
A pretty, slim girl with nice legs for the secretary. Must look good in a short skirt.

Download and learn respective audition piece here