A Wee Bit Of A Downer

A Little Feedback on the Grahamstown Trip
4 Jul 2013
Oh my God! I burnt myself with Glühwein!
6 Jul 2013

reviewGot a bit of a naff review, based on a rather flat performance, in Artsblog yesterday. The sentiment is sound, encouraging us to keep the energy up regardless of poor turn-outs, which I totally agree with. I can’t say our acting was at a peek either (which goes hand in hand with reduced performance energy, of course) but I do reckon we did manage to pull of our characters more than Steve suggests.

There’s always room for improvement and our reduced rehearsal time shows in our mediocre performances. Unfortunately for the Grahamstown crowds – well, the few of them that made it our run – this is turning out to be more of a dress run than a full fledged, highly energetic performance. Taking Steve’s words, we will push our last two shows at Festival to as best a level as we can and, of course, up the ante for our Cape Town run next month.

The sentiment of the review (Never give up) is quite sound. In my career, I’ve several times come to a place where I doubted my capabilities and whether I should continue to push against a tide that seemed to consistently knock me down. After a long process, I am, at least, relatively comfortable in my skill and trust that I am good enough (even when self-confidence is lacking), to a point where I am not as affected by this review as I would have once been. It’s par for the course. Take the gems that Steve presents, adjust accordingly to the criticism in what way we can, keep our faith in our director and her vision, and just keep on going. No one in this production has any intention of “giving up”.