About the Developer

Jai'prakash - in the hoodieSome know me as a geek. Some as a nerd. Some as a rather intelligent, exceptionally handsome coding chimp (cos Chimps know what they’re doing, yo!).

My love for computers and coding began early in my childhood, as I recall memories of constructing a laptop out of cardboard on which I pretended to write Logo operations (that’s the programing language made famous for its little graphic creating turtle). By the age of about nine, my dad got us a state of the art IBM XT-PC, a champion machine which ran at a blazing 8MHZ on 640 kilobytes of RAM, displaying a whopping 16 unique colours when everyone else ran monochrome devices. I immediately got busy figuring out how this piece of machinery worked, breaking it many times before I began programming it myself.

Over the years, in an era without Internet, I taught myself a range of programming languages and gained technical know-how of personal computer systems, continually learning and upgrading my skills as technology rapidly evolved into the world-dominating behemoth that it is today. Having a fair bit of creative flair and a thirst for knowledge, I grew from strength to strength as a developer, eventually working for a variety of companies creating Web-based applications that, for several organisations, became flag-ship products. Currently, specialising in building and tweaking WordPress websites, plugins and themes, I also advise on best interface practices and how to make technology work for you and your business. My tech skills, combined with my creative nature makes for some out-the-box implementations. And, of course, my Indian heritage means I only need an abacus to take over the world. Mwuhuhuhuhu! 😛


The links below will take you to my Creation.begins website:

When I’m not playing with development projects, my time and energy is shared with my other passions of writing, performing, bodywork and adventuring.