All About The Me

Hello. My name is Jai’prakash (which means “Victory-of-Light” in the English tongue), and I am a male human of indeterminate age 😉

My life on this planet has been one of freedom and exploration, studying the ways of the natives, and finding myself lost among them. Lost in a dark space, and darker time, amongst a people on the verge of breaking free from bonds which have kept them limited for millennia. An exciting space and time, to be sure.

In the years I’ve inhabited this body and been of this civilisation, I have come to realise many skills and talents. Among these being able to shape-shift my mind so as to portray a variety of guises; being able to, in an entertaining and readable manner, recount intriguing tales, whether created in this world or imagines ones; and being ultimately able to engage wholly with virtually any situation thrown up from the maw of life, casually employing an innate ability to adapt and survive, no matter situation.

I am an actor, an author, and an adventurer.

My purpose in this revolutionary time has yet to be determined. Until then I stealthily and casually amble through the world, observing, engaging, sharing, and leaving only my thumb’s mark as evidence of ever passing through. And within this digital cave in which you have discovered me, my haven to openly express, you will find stories of introspection and promotion, my being laid bare for your scrutiny and entertainment.

Never stop growing, Never stop exploring.

The journey of an Expressive Explorer

I’ve identified as an Expressive Explorer, that is to say somebody who is creative, curious, and open to the experiences presented within this Universe. As much as I might ascribe to particular labels, I remain unbound within them too, breaking convention when the whim takes me and holding to them at equally opportune times. My journeys have shown me that we, as children of this ‘verse, are far too free to be contained, and far too passionate to be relentlessly the same.

This is a place for you, fellow expressive explorers, to come together in your undefinability. Engage in fantastical and not necessarily insightful meanderings of my mind and virtual pen, placed here for you to stare at wide-eyed and wonderous.

I run workshops, mentorship programmes and public talks through Creation.begins.

Please enjoy YOUR journey

Wander freely. Have your say, and share your comments, your tales and your sexy underwear, by making contact or posting your thoughts on any of the blogs. In the fullness of time, our journeys shall entwine and purposes will be revealed. And perhaps, then, I will find meaning in my meanderings, and in this need to blatantly bare my being to you.