Tie-dye Jai'prakash

I have always had a firm interest in alternative healing and massage. Not something I’d ever have considered a vocation, massage and touch were always a huge part of my life and I’d even been told from a young age that I had the gift of healing hands.

It was only in my young adult life, after having started training in Aikido, that the doors opened to these various healing techniques, which I then took to study, including auric and energy healing, basic massage, shiatsu, reiki, ayur vedic practises, Sensual Tantric massage and, of course, Ka Huna. Since discovering this unrestricted and fluid Polynesian modality, I have been able to bring all my various healing skills together and deliver them in a single treatment.


In the time that I was studying to become an actor, I began offering massage and bodywork sessions to the public. This lasted a few years only before I stopped. While I continue to enjoy giving sessions, for me, massage work isn’t a career. It was a privilege to express my talent and doing what I could to assist people finding and reaching their greater potential. I do this now mostly for friends and limited referrals. Plus, it’s a great trading skill when couchsurfing around the world 😀

I must say that I am immensely grateful for all I have gained (and continue to gain) through my trainings; growth, confidence, knowledge, a plethora of amazing, lifelong friends, and a calm and serenity within myself.

Aside from bodywork, I indulge in various other pursuits, including writing, development and acting.