I design and code intelligent digital experiences & beautiful websites and I would love to work with You.

Specialising in WordPress development and management, decades of experience power my ability to create functional and practical sites, leveraging the latest technologies and trends, supplemented by punchy content creation, strategic coaching and guidance. Let’s take your service and business to the next level together.

months of coding
programming technologies
Looking at your business and website from a more holistic perspective

Functional and modern websites from scratch. Whether an online shop or a simple business card webpage.

Code master

I marry sound code to formative front-ends. Over the past 2 decades, I have created my own websites, blogs and CMSes, and built four large-scale applications, namely a data management and monitoring tool called Pivot (for the mining industry; it was used by Anglo and BHP in the early 2000s), a team management system called IOSS (for Integro Learning), a billing system called Easibill (which has since been transformed from a web application into a native mobile application), and a marketplace called Tapsnapp (of which I was CTO).

Secure flow

Armed with a range of programming languages and technical know-how gained over a lifetime, I am continually learning and upgrading my skills as technology rapidly and continually evolves into the world-dominating behemoth that it is. My ability to speak both geek and business makes me an asset in the industry, and I have often interfaced between client and coding team, offering far more than simple coding. Having consulting and business advice on my repertoire of offerings ensures a more secure and complete project.

Bug Free Existence!

Having a fair bit of creative flair and a thirst for knowledge, I grow from strength to strength in all my skills, including as a developer. I am meticulous in my work, reviewing and editing far longer than I should be. I offer an ongoing maintenance service to ensure that your website is updated, backed up, and continues to run smoothly as technology and software and trends continue to evolve around us at an impressive rate.

Anywhere Access

The Internet has made ease of access even, well, easier. We can collaborate from any location and work remotely. I am a huge lover of freedom and independence, and these fundamentals are infused into our relationship. Your websites can be accessed and updated from anywhere as well, giving you more freedom over your business management.

Run your ideas by me, and let’s create some magic.

Code and structure combined with artistry and flexibility create functional beauty.


I am an engaging, jovial, fun-seeking, young man who works well both by myself and with other people. Having a healthy balance of logic and creativity, my ideas and thoughts are generally very diverse. In addition, my interests are rather varied and plentiful, and I spend a lot of time doing such activities as martial arts, climbing, hiking, designing, programming, poetry, writing and massage. I am also naturally very energetic and flexible, traits that lend themselves well to the world of dance and performance.

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Development (XHTML/JavaScript/CSS/PHP/WordPress)
Design and Layout (Adobe packages / COREL / Misc. design apps)
Consultation and Strategy
Productivity (IT Support / sight typing / office app products)

Some know me as a geek. Some as a nerd. Some as a rather intelligent, exceptionally handsome coding chimp (cos Chimps know what they’re doing, yo!).

My love for computers and coding began early in my childhood, as I recall memories of constructing a laptop out of cardboard on which I pretended to write Logo operations (that’s the programing language made famous for its little graphic creating turtle). This was around about the same time I learned chess.

By the age of nine, my dad got us a state of the art IBM XT-PC, a champion machine which ran at a blazing 8MHZ on 640 kilobytes of RAM, displaying a whopping 16 unique colours when everyone else ran monochrome devices. I immediately got busy figuring out how this piece of machinery worked, breaking it many times before I began programming it myself.

Over the years, in an era without Internet, I taught myself a range of programming languages and gained technical know-how of personal computer systems, continually learning and upgrading my skills as technology rapidly evolved into the world-dominating behemoth that it is today. Having a fair bit of creative flair and a thirst for knowledge, I grew from strength to strength as a developer, eventually working for a variety of companies creating web-based applications that, for several organisations, became flag-ship products.

Of course, as life transforms and becomes more, my career in the IT world waned somewhat, but I still mash on some code occasionally, continually enjoying creative problem-solving. I can’t let it go completely. Afterall, with my Indian heritage, I only need an abacus to take over the world. Mwuhuhuhuhu! 😛

Creation.begins was the name I used for a long time as my freelance development monika.

After hanging up my coding cap in exchange for my consulting cap, Creation.begins evolved. First, into my public speaking/strategy coaching/course facilitation platform, a far cry from the technical and geeky vibes that spawned it.

And from there, my experience in the corporate and coaching worlds became the book, Creation begins with you.


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    More about me

    Programming has certainly not been my only interest and, in my lifetime thus far, I’ve engaged in other successful careers as an actor, dancer, voice artist, writer, body therapist, lecturer, strategic coach, designer, and counsellor. I’ve even plied my trade as a cook for a time or two.

    Life, I find, is an ongoing journey of expression and exploration, and I have spent the last decade bringing together many of my passions into a more holistic package. The past decade has also seen me land prominent roles in local TV and movie productions; publish a couple of my books; run retreats and workshops; and bring more of my fullest self into this overall experience.

    While my involvement directly in the IT world has petered, with technology and the Internet as ubiquitous as it is, I continue to blend my skills into many industries. My Holistic Homie package actively brings together my various skills in combination with mentorship, coaching, and deliberate empowerment.

    I am living as fully as I am able, using my analytic side to structure the path, while my creative mind fleshes out the details.


    Skilled at dissolving into my imagination, through my performance projects, I explore the universe as characters conjured out of stories.

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