“I want to be an entertainer”

I breathe in, a moment of stillness, and let my character’s essence flow into every cell of my being.

On this page, you’ll find a brief history of my acting journey, and info on my popular and upcoming projects.

Although I first considered a performance career as a preteen, it wasn’t until my late 20s that I took it seriously enough to pursue. In the decade that followed, I discovered that I harboured a powerful talent as an actor and have been tweaking those skills since.

Trained for the stage, and refined for the screen, I have had the opportunity to play a variety of roles in my career. Always pushing my personal boundaries, I practice embodying as many personas in as many variations as I can.


Adept at mimicry, through performance, I explore the universe as characters conjured from stories.

The Work

I’ve racked up a few movie and tv credits, best known as Ravi Chetty in High Rollers and Mr. Govender in Thandeka’s Diary.

No big projects in progress. Do feel free to browse through my previous projects and media.

Check out a timeline of my milestone projects to date.

Ravi in High Rollers
Ravi Chetty, High Rollers
Mr. Govender in Thandeka's Diary
Mr. Govender, Thandeka's Diary

Let me entertain you!

Look out, Tom Cruise!

T20’s Most Avid Cricket Fan

The rip roaring adventures of Avi, as he infiltrates the national cricket team’s private space.

BEE: The Musical

B.E.E. the Musical

A 48-Hour Project, this short film showcases my singing and acting abilities when sleep deprived.

McDonalds Spicy Feast

McDonald’s You Didn’t Cry

Multiple costume changes, locations, and scoffing of burgers are just some hallmarks of fun shoot days.

The Journey

Some time in my pre-teens, I declared that I was going to grow up to be an entertainer. Roughly two decades later, I decided to pursue acting as a career.

Honing my skills through amateur dramatic societies, Musical Theatre training, and a series of workshops and character roles, I would eventually transition from stage to television work.

I struggled to get my career on track, dealing with and healing many hurdles within myself and the industry. But after giving up on myself many times, 2012 saw my star begin to rise as I landed higher profile roles in more prominent tv shows.

The years to follow saw me steadily improve my acting abilities, developing my inner confidence, and refining my emotional range to become the kick-ass performer that I am today.

Some of the details of this journey can be explored on my About page.

“And I became the face they would remember.”