“a nomadic solo-polyeverything hippie burner browncoat geek dude”

From flying small planes to cooking for a colony, I’ve kept myself busy so far.

Since my young adult stage, the adventurer in me was awakened. Perhaps it was nurtured by my regular jaunts in the wilderness as a teen, but it wasn’t until I discovered my travelling independence, that I took to trying out more of the fantastical experiences out there in the world than the conventional and mundane.

I have become more of a person who jumps in and asks questions later. The greatest memories have come from unplanned adventures, and I continue to enjoy going with the flow of the wild waters of the Universe.

These adventures have been flown solo and in company, backpacking my way where I can, indulging in luxury, navigating the varied terrains of our gorgeous world. What I have found is that I do enjoy people, and the company experienced and interacted with on my adventures are the memories that really stick

“From a life of semi-regular travels and stints in off-grid wonderlands, the Expressive Explorer was born.”


A seeker of experience, I am constantly exploring our world of extracurricular adventures.

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Combining my love for adventure and my wisdoms of life, I collaborate with a variety of intrepid individuals and organisations to bring guided adventures and retreats to more of the fun-loving masses.

On this page you’ll find upcoming retreats and adventures, and learn more about my evolution into a nomadic wanderer.

The Work

The Expressive Explorer offers a range of guided adventures and retreats.

The underlying intention for all these gatherings is engaging with life as fully as we dare, and live in a more spiritually minded way. Which essentially boils down to having as much fun as possible, and taking an expanded awareness back into your daily life so that you can integrate more of this lifestyle into your regular world.

New schedules will be available soon. Feel free to browse through the adventures on the Expressive Explorer website.

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Live from your heart!

The Journey

I would not have said it in my youth, but it seems like I’ve always been an intrepid explorer.

Discovering my love for the wilderness in my teens, my love for weekend parties and road trips and retreats and active adventures in my twenties, and going full tilt with long-term camping and backpacking and travel in my thirties, it would simply be an obvious next step to host my own getaways.

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The concept of Expressive Explorer began in the last decade and has been evolving into a more robust entity that has become my personal haven for all things adventure. The intention was to create spaces that were not previously available for the majority.

I wanted spaces that are safe and supporting for all humans. Spaces that allowed people to play and connect and chill and be themselves, as fully as they dare be, regardless of age or body. Spaces for like-minded individuals who have a deep respect for themselves and their planet and their fellow Earthlings. Spaces for people like me and my kind. Spaces for people like you.

“In all the world, with all the people, doing all the things, I discovered it was only love that bound us.”