A curious creature.

Guided by freedom and joy.

An intellectually creative, charming geek, loving fantasy, dress-ups, dress-downs, gadgets and tech, outdoorsy adventures, good food, good company, and goofing-off.
Always trying new things, and not afraid to look the fool for the sake of a story. ??

My life on this planet has been one of freedom and exploration, studying the ways of the natives, and finding myself lost among them. Lost in a dark space, and darker time, amongst a people on the verge of breaking free from bonds which have kept them limited for millennia. An exciting space and time, to be sure.

What Makes Me An Adventurer

I have been blessed with a mind that is constantly seeking, and ever curious. I never believed that learning was an end journey, and I’ve always wanted to suck up knowledge with a straw. From a young age, I studied and had my nose in a book, building my own little laptop, learning coding languages and advance mathematics, the little nerd that I was.

Well, not a complete nerd. In additional to penning my first novel at age 8 and learning how to program at age 10, I was also mimicking Paula Abdul and Micheal Jackson dance moves and was so good at playing pretend, I was well entertained by my army of twelve imaginary friends and I even made my brother weep in grief as I fake died during our combat games.

As I grew older and book knowledge started losing its appeal, I took to the wilderness, camping, hiking, indulging in adventure and travel. I was fortunate to school in the Midlands, where we had a vast forest to explore. And once I hit adulthood, I backpacked and road tripped through South Africa, swimming and diving with dolphins, skinning dipping in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, kayaking with whales, white-water rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, water skiing, airplane piloting, horse riding, scuba diving, sleeping on the beach and in the middle of forests and, truth be told, a variety of not-recommended-at-all-sleeping-places. I even did a wilderness survival course, took up a variety of activities from Aikido to Taekwondo to competitive ballroom dancing (which I did pretty well in, and have the trophies to prove it ?) to dropping out of life and studying Musical Theatre at the ripe old age of 27 (at a time and in a school where 25 was seen as the expiry age for dancers).

My taste for adventure and experience hasn’t waned yet and I continue to explore activities and my own self, pushing boundaries and always trying new things.

Expanded Explorer









Experience is my fuel

This way of being, being guided by freedom and joy, is why I have attained as many skills and talents under my belt as I have. While I do mostly brand myself as an actor and author, within my adventurous persona, I am involved in several pursuits that are deemed fringe by common westernised society. These include sexual education and maturation, less-than-mainstream healing tools and techniques, holistically healthy living, bodywork and encouraging body positivity, relationships founded on freedom and growth, and non-religious spiritual connection, among other topics.

I involve myself with a variety of individuals and organisations committed to positivity, better education and advice in the important life topics, and who include LGBTQIA+,  ethical non-monogamous, kink, nudist and other communities that don’t yet have a firm, secure space in mainstream society.

I am also a bodywork therapist, a developer, a speaker, and can whip up an amazing honey-glazed salmon with a herby, mashed sweet potato and mango salsa 😉

Evolving traveller

Through constantly seeking adventure, I’ve enjoyed a life full of experiences and insight. I love this way of being and will to continue living this way and cannot ever see myself not trying something new each year.

Years have past and my wanderlust has not dissipated. My to-do and to-visit and to-experience list continues to grow and demand an avid ticking off.
My current ambition is to do a full trip around the world, continuing my journey of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and enjoying even more adventures.

The Journey of an Expressive Explorer

My life on this planet has been one of freedom and exploration, studying the ways of the natives, and finding myself lost among them. Lost in a dark space, and darker time, amongst a people on the verge of breaking free from bonds which have kept them limited for millennia. An exciting space and time, to be sure.

In the years I’ve inhabited this body and been of this civilisation, I have come to realise many skills and talents. Among these being able to shape-shift my mind so as to portray a variety of guises; being able to, in an entertaining and readable manner, recount intriguing tales, whether created in this world or imagines ones; and being ultimately able to engage wholly with virtually any situation thrown up from the maw of life, casually employing an innate ability to adapt and survive, no matter situation.

I am an actor, an author, and an adventurer.

My purpose in this revolutionary time has yet to be determined. Until then I stealthily and casually amble through the world, observing, engaging, sharing, and leaving only my thumb’s mark as evidence of ever passing through. And within this digital cave in which you have discovered me, my haven to openly express, you will find stories of introspection and promotion, my being laid bare for your scrutiny and entertainment.


Never stop growing. Never stop exploring.

I identify as an Expressive Explorer, that is to say somebody who is creative, curious, and open to the myriad of experiences consistently presented within this Universe. As much as I might ascribe to particular labels, I remain unbound within them too, breaking convention when the whim takes me and holding to them at equally opportune times. My journeys have shown me that we, as children of this blessed ‘verse, are far too free to be contained, and far too relentlessly passionate to remain the same.

In all my ventures, I seek to encourage you, fellow explorers, to come together in your undefinability.

Jai'prakash: Expressive Explorer: Actor, Author, Adventurer