Everybody needs a homie

Someone who has got your back, is always ready to motivate and inspire, engages in meaningful conversations and insightful discussions, and pumps up the fun and energy!


What’s in the bag?

When you hire me as your homie, you get a motivational coach and companion in your pocket. All my packages are month-to-month and will be tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Coach on tap*
  • Daily check ins and affirmation and reality checks
  • On demand* Errand and Travel companionship
  • Access to any of my skill sets and network
    • Technology and programming know how – and what I don’t know, I can easily find or figure out
    • Esoteric Massage (learn more)
    • Digital design
    • Performance advice for public speaking, hosting, presentations, etc.
    • Writing advice and editing
    • I play a mean game of chess (and other games)
    • Networks of artists, tech people, artisans, and more

*within reason. I also need to shit, shower, shave, and sleep sometimes.

The kind of people I work with:

I love working with fun-seeking go-getters. Is that you?

  • Regular travellers looking for intelligent and entertaining conversations
  • Entrepreneurs and go getters eager to level up their lives, while still having fun and engaging lives
  • Retirees / entrepreneurs / self-bosses with lots of time and money, and nobody interesting to spend it with.

Do you want to wake up and face the world with enthusiasm and excitement?

Do you want to up your game in your personal life?

Do you want to up your game in your career?

Are you figuring out your life purpose and your place in the world?

Are you ready to make your mark?

Are you ready to start realising those big dreams?