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    Allow me to elaborate


    What is this holistic homie?

    Someone who has got your back, is always ready to motivate and inspire, engages in meaningful conversations and insightful discussions, and pumps up the fun and energy!

    Packing together a variety of skills across multiple industries…

    …to better help you define your goals and habituate your daily life to support your journey. No human is an island. We are all in this life thing together and we live it better when we co-exist harmoniously with each other.

    With that in mind, together we will find best ways to align to your desires, and enjoy pursuing and achieving all of them.

    Learn more about what I offer ➡️


    What’s in the bag?

    As your homie, you get an inspiring, supportive companion on call:

    • An empowerment coach on tap*
    • Regular check-ins, affirmation and reality checks
    • On demand* Activity, Errand and Travel companionship
    • Access to any of my skill sets and network
      • Technology and programming know how (learn more) – and what I don’t know, I can easily find or figure out
      • Esoteric Healing and Massage (learn more)
      • Digital graphic design and layout
      • Content assistance, including speed typing and copy editing
      • Performance advice for public speaking, hosting, presentations, etc.
      • Writing advice and content creation
      • I play a mean game of chess (and other amusements)
      • Networks of artists, tech people, artisans, and more

    *within reason. I also need to shit, shower, shave, and sleep sometimes.


    What do I bring to the table?

    After four decades of life, I’ve stocked up on the following skills and experiences to better help you better reach your goals.

    Cultural Things

    • non-conformist and champion of freedom
    • Overall queer human 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ (more info)
    • Inspired by and a part of the burner community 🔥
    • Available for Mentorships
    • Nudism activitist
    • Polyamorist and relationship freedom activist (more info)
    • Trained in Wilderness Safety and Survival
    • Sexual health, wellbeing, and freedom activist
    • Advocate for better, healthier, more enlivened lifestyles

    What can I can help you with?

    Personal development
    Clarifying your path
    Energising yourself
    Determining purpose
    Unlocking career options

    Improving relationships
    Healing past trauma
    Habituating fun
    Habituating success
    Defining your self
    General life fulfillment

    Inspire your

    with an enlightened perspective on tasks, and live a more inspired life.

    Speed up
    your progress

    by becoming aware of your hindering habits and getting out of your own way.

    Tune out
    the distraction

    and focus exclusively on your desires and needs, structuring your life around them.

    Be the

    of your destiny by clarifying your desires, and making more deliberate choices.

    Take care of where you're facing, and the journey will unfold accordingly


    The kind of people I like to work with

    I love working with fun-seeking go-getters.
    Is that you? Are you…

    • an intelligent adult tired of the rat race, looking for more exciting and energising opportunities?
    • a regular traveller looking for sound, scintillating, and engaging conversation?
    • a self-starter eager to level up, while still living a fun and engaging live?
    • a retiree / entrepreneur / self-boss with lots of time and money, and nothing interesting to spend it on yet?
    • a creative dreamer, determined to change the world?

    Do you face the day with enthusiasm and excitement?

    Do you want to up your game in your personal life?

    Do you want to up your game in your career?

    Are you living your life purpose?

    Are you making your mark on your world?

    Are you realising those big dreams?


    Over 10 years of sparking joy

    Inspiring forward motion

    You can’t help but move forward, of course. Yet, we as humans do have a tendency to slow our trajectory way down. Perpetually bored with a life of mediocrity, I have filled a lot of my days with acquiring knowledge and skills, and simply living as fully as could be done given the limits that bound me.

    The interesting thing I would discover that as I continued to push my limits, the limits shifted. Boundaries, for the most part, are in our mind. We decide our limits, and either we push them or we maintain them. I am all about pushing them. I believe that every day should be different, a fresh adventure teeming with possibilities that you are ready to enjoy and indulge in.

    I do my best to live my life from that perspective, and it has served me well for the most part. As a result, I have acquired a fair dollop of wisdom and experience that ultimately powers my ability to advise, guide, and inspire you on your own endeavours.

    embracing freedom