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    Why we need to chat

    You have to take care of your mind and spirit

    We are a community driven people who have evolved a community of isolation. But we are not islands. We cannot function fully in isolation. We need companionship, we need community, we need collaboration. And we are needing all of this more now than ever before, as most of our world flounders under the pressure of being everything to everyone. You need to have a heart to heart. Maybe a few. And I’m here to hear you out.

    $3 / R50

    voice or video

    up to 30 min

    Let’s chat is a simple voice or video chat offering,
    giving you the space to vent and ponder, letting you voice your thoughts and, perhaps, open yourself up to a different perspective or three, and maybe even find ways to make peace with and overcome anything that is bothering you.

    What you give:

    • $3 / R50
    • your time
    • your attention and awareness

    What you get:

    • focused attention
    • uninterrupted listening
    • advice, comfort, upliftment, ideas
    • A bit of therapy on the fly
    • A bit of coaching on demand
    • space to be vulnerable
    • space to melt-down, for venting, for catharsis
    • space to be angry
    • space to be real
    • space to be you

    What to do:

    • schedule a chat by entering your email address and clicking the schedule button
    • you will be prompted for more details via email
    • choose the available time(s) you would like to reserve
    • confirm your booking with payment (subscriptions available)
    • schedule our chat(s) in your calendar
    • chats are on voice or video calls (voice notes available with subscriptions)

    Behold, my packages


    Holistic Homie

    Someone who has got your back, is always ready to motivate and inspire, engages in meaningful conversations and insightful discussions, and pumps up the fun and energy!

    Packing together a variety of skills across multiple industries…

    …to better help you define your goals and habituate your daily life to support your journey. No human is an island. We are all in this life thing together and we live it better when we co-exist harmoniously with each other.

    With that in mind, together we will find best ways to align to your desires, and enjoy pursuing and achieving all of them.

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