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    Why we need to find our centre

    In your confidence, everything becomes possible

    The importance of being stable and secure before you take any action cannot be overly stressed.  Most of us have spent our lives on adrenaline powered reactions, and have no idea how to be consistently calm and collected, able to act from a space of reason and purpose.

    I have been practicing meditation and other meditative processes since I was a teen, figuring out what worked and what didn’t and why what worked worked. These lessons and insights underpin the guidance in this package, helping you short-cut your way to a more peaceful, centred, powerful you.

    $150 / R2500

    one-on-one voice/video chat
    email correspondence
    course manual provided

    4 weeks process
    dedicate at least 1 hour a day to processes and exercises

    Your self has to be centred in order to be stable, secure, and powerful
    and it is from this position of power that you make your best decisions. Using techniques that have served me in my own life journey, we will practice our way into being calm, collected, focused, and able to harness our energy at will. We will set routines that keep us energised and excited, almost always ready to engage meaningfully with the life we’ve chosen.

    What you give:

    • $150 / R2,500
    • dedication to your practice
    • your trust and respect

    What you get:

    • 4 weeks of focused attention
    • daily check ins and affirmation and reality checks
    • advice on finding your power space
    • processes and exercises to easily centre yourself
    • coaching on demand*
    • a progress tracker
    • a confidence and surety in yourself
    • a consistent calm in your daily existence

    *within reason, via chat app.

    What to do:

    • schedule your sessions by entering your email address and clicking the schedule button
    • decide on the areas of your life you most want to focus into alignment
    • be open to adjusting your habits and mindset
    • we will confirm details and start date via email
    • confirm this package with payment
    • schedule your daily process / exercise times
    • schedule your check-ins

    Behold, my packages


    Holistic Homie

    Someone who has got your back, is always ready to motivate and inspire, engages in meaningful conversations and insightful discussions, and pumps up the fun and energy!

    Packing together a variety of skills across multiple industries…

    …to better help you define your goals and habituate your daily life to support your journey. No human is an island. We are all in this life thing together and we live it better when we co-exist harmoniously with each other.

    With that in mind, together we will find best ways to align to your desires, and enjoy pursuing and achieving all of them.

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