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    Why we need to express ourselves

    You shape the world with your unique story

    You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Your daily behaviour has been and is shaping your future experience. You have been directing your life, if only a little haphazardly.

    Through this process, we will uncover your innate abilities and learn how to make best use of them to positively affect your immediate world. We will be habitualising mindsets and activities that support and progress your dreams. We will be refocusing your day-to-day life to prioritise those things and people and events that take you closer to your dream life, and weaning out those things that are draining and keeping you away from your more idyllic path.

    $150 / R2500

    one-on-one voice/video chat
    email correspondence
    course manual provided

    4 weeks process
    dedicate at least 1 hour a day to processes and exercises

    Let your Voice echo in every corner of your personal world
    Don’t be afraid to leave your mark. The people who make the biggest waves, often make the biggest changes to humanity. You don’t have to be the next Mahatma Ghandi or the next Nelson Mandela or the next Natalie Cole or the next Bruce Lee or the next Betty Boop….but why not? You can be the very first you. You can be as bold and as audacious and as powerful as you dare.

    What you give:

    • $150 / R2,500
    • dedication to your happiness
    • your attention and awareness
    • your heart
    • your trust and respect

    What you get:

    • 4 weeks of focused attention
    • daily check ins and affirmation and reality checks
    • advice, comfort, upliftment, ideas
    • space to be you
    • processes designed to bring out your genius
    • coaching on demand*
    • a dream tracker
    • a confidence and surety in yourself
    • an unabashed desire to be more fully you more of the time

    *within reason, via chat app.

    What to do:

    • schedule your sessions by entering your email address and clicking the schedule button
    • decide on the dreams you most want to work on
    • be open to adjusting your mindset, goals and habits
    • we will confirm details and start date via email
    • confirm this package with payment
    • schedule your daily process / exercise times
    • schedule your check-ins

    Behold, my packages


    Holistic Homie

    Someone who has got your back, is always ready to motivate and inspire, engages in meaningful conversations and insightful discussions, and pumps up the fun and energy!

    Packing together a variety of skills across multiple industries…

    …to better help you define your goals and habituate your daily life to support your journey. No human is an island. We are all in this life thing together and we live it better when we co-exist harmoniously with each other.

    With that in mind, together we will find best ways to align to your desires, and enjoy pursuing and achieving all of them.

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