I give talks on sexuality, modern relationships, and personal empowerment.

Drawing on my performance, speaking, and coaching skills, liberally mixed with my personal insights and life learnings, I give talks on a selection of topics mostly focused on being more free in yourself and in your interactions with those people special to you.

My talks fit into 30- or 60-minute slots and include an non-obligatory Q&A session afterwards.

Talks and Discussions:

  • Out of the Box
    • relationships without labels – intro to multipartner intimacy; introducing the concept and practical application of polyamory/relationship anarchy/non-monogamy
    • modern relationship dynamics – basic relationship skills that improve every relationship (platonic, romantic, or otherwise)
    • evolving your relationships – taking more personal responsibility for yourself and your role in your relationships.
    • the grace of gender – the nuances of gender presentation and identification, gender and biology, the evolving concept of gender
  • Being Dusty: evolving our world
    • based on the Burning Man principles, as explored in my book “Being Dusty”, this talk opens up possibilities of living in a more communal, conscious, independent, self-reliant, pragmatic way.
  • A Taste for Kink
    • introduction and basic exploration of safe and consensual kinky sex
    • safe sex and multiple partners
    • the spectrum of sexuality – exploring the spectrum of sexual orientation, preferences, presentation, from asexuality to hyper-sexuality
  • Creation begins with you – talks based on chapters from my books  “Creation begins with you” and “Level Up”
    • Creation begins with you – introducing the concept of self-empowerment and how much more influence we have on our own lives
    • Adulting Made Easy – this short talk helps change perspectives from the age-old “adulting is hard” sentiment to a “life can be simpler and easier” sentiment.
    • Find Your Soul, Mate – short talk on your role in your own life as it relates to romantic / life-partner relationships
    • Level Up – advanced concepts for deliberate creators


  • Sensual Touch
    • sensual connection – an hour long intimacy process with two people taking turns receiving and giving attention. This workshop can be adapted as a casual outdoors practice with loose fitting clothing, or in a more intimate clothing-optional setting.
    • sensual massage – Receive and learn to give your lover (or friend) an intimate non-sexual, extremely connected, sensual massage session
    • Head and shoulder massage – learn to give a basic head and shoulder massage (based on Ayurvedic and shiatsu practices)
  • Shake it up! – adaptable energising exercises for loose clothing / clothing optional settings
    • jump and stretch – a spiritually focused fun aerobic class aimed at getting people of any fitness level to loosen up their bodies and minds, and get back in touch with their inner child energy.
    • confidence boosters – basic child-friendly acting exercises to help get people out of their shells

If there’s anything specific you want for the event, let me know, otherwise I have pretty much all the workshops and talks cued up and can deliver any almost on the fly (I like to give myself at least 24 hours to prepare myself).