Afrikaans is mos lekker, ne!

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5 Sep 2012
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21 Nov 2012

So, I’ve just been reflecting and find it interesting that three of my roles this year have been primarily within the Afrikaans market.

While 7de Laan can be considered to have a more diverse viewership (heck, my mom is an avid fan!), it is predominantly an Afrikaans soapie.

Next up was the Molly en Wors Movie, a big hit on the Kyknet channel, an Afrikaans channel.

And then there’s the music video for Robbie Wessels’ newest release. Mr Wessels has a strong Afrikaans following with his hits Leeuloop and Los Lappie.

Most recently, I also auditioned for a role in another big Afrikaans production but I haven’t heard anything back from them as yet.

Needless to say, the Afrikaan viewership is quite big and it’s certainly doesn’t hurt getting exposure in that market. I haven’t needed to speak any Afrikaans in any of the productions, bar a single line in my opening scene of 7de Laan. It’s still early to say but I do trust that this exposure will create a nice, strong fanbase. 🙂