Alpha Male

Champion Meat
24 Jul 2007
Dressing sideways
9 Aug 2007

For a couple of weeks, I’ve had this seething rage bubbling in me with nowhere to go. The smallest little thing seemed to irritate me. Aggravate me. This is a big thing, given that, generally, I’m a fairly easy going lad who laughs at anything. Get caught in traffic and I smile and find ways to amuse myself, be it listening to music or watching the peeps around me or melting clouds.

Yet, during this time, even a relatively small level of traffic was enough to have me yelling in frustration.

The point is I genuinely had the need to get out this frustration by expending some masculine energy. Letting the adrenaline flow. Satisfying the testosterone.

How does one do that in this society?

Men have been forced to take on a far more feminine nature. We’re supposed to be calm, get in touch with our inner whatevers, calm the chi and breathe out the ire.

Not to put down all that new age-jie stuff. It has its space. But we, as a society, are trying to go against our nature in a lot of ways.

We can take it back to caveman days. Males hunted, they fought to defend their territories, their people, and, indeed, their manhood. Now a days, this is attempted to be done through sport and flaunting monetary success.

Again, I’m not putting down the desire to make it big financially, nor the importance of the controlled wargames we call sports. They have their place.

But these have not been my outlets. I needed to fight someone. Punching a bag was not enough. I need to feel my fist against flesh. When was the last time I had a proper fight? And not a controlled sparring session as per the martial arts I’ve done. A proper fight.

It has been years. Maybe decades.

Now I’m the first to speak out against unnecessary violence. I don’t believe in wars. I don’t believe in the fighting that governments promote. I wouldn’t raise my hand against somebody that I felt did not deserve it. Nor would I fight someone who was incapable of fighting back.

So, you ask, what the hell am I going on about?

In a way I’m talking about the way that many mammals, both carnivorous and herbivorous, vent their aggressiveness. Fighting amongst siblings and fellow tribe members. Fights that, while in session, can be exceedingly boisterous and vicious, but once done, harbour no misgivings and no hard feelings. The siblings still play together. The rest of the tribe still join in the hunt. They still stand together against enemies.

The type of fighting we did as kids. Really piling into each other, getting out the frustrations, satisfying our urges and then laughing about it as we went off together to the local burger-joint, our black eyes and bloody grazes proof of our manliness.

You’ve watched or read Fight Club, no doubt?

That’s the kind of thing I am talking about. That’s what brings guys closer. That’s what creates bonds. That’s what male energy is about.

And that’s not to say males cannot be sensitive, soft, calm, in touch with their balanced chi. It’s just to say that there needs to be balance. Males and Females are built differently. Females can, generally, go their entirely lives comfortably with displaying any outward physical aggression. They still have their outlets; They are allowed to cry with friends, for example.

Men, on the other hand, and I am generalising, require other vents. We want our fight clubs.