Always time for humour

Loving the Traffic
23 Feb 2011
Positively Negative
24 Feb 2011

I felt really good falling asleep last night. Despite being thoroughly unaccountably tired, I was in a nice space, my dreams were pleasant and I had good sleeping company.

This morning and the subsequent day had a very different feel. A nagging underlying feeling of frustration kept in a very unproductive and lethargic space. It would have been a good day for watching a funny movie or staying in bed all day with half a chocolate cake. Still I determined to get done what I had set out to. With little success.

I needed a laugh. Something to make me go whoop whoop, a lifting of the spirits. I’ve been in a serious space for several weeks whereby I’m not as jovial as I’d love to be and the littlest of things sends me into bouts of … well, kinda like minor depressions. A sort of gentle sadness.

So, today, I chose to stroll about and find something to laugh raucously about. I found myself in a second-hand book store. I like old book stores. There’s a quaint vibe about them that the bigger chain stores, great as they are in there own ways, just lack. Anyway, I wandered immediately to the humour section. Not that I knew where it was, mind you. Clearly, my unconscious mind, under instruction to liven my mood, had a good idea of where to start.

[Yes Man book]The two books to grab my attention: YesMan by Danny Wallace and Why is God Laughing by Deepak Chopra. Interestingly enough the subjects of both these books tie well into my current non-laughing space.

[Why Is God Laughing? book]I’ve been feeling very down over recent times, and very out of flow. I recognise that I’m at the end of a cycle in spiritual terms, in my destroyer ray according to the metaphysics. Things are definitely in flux and I’m don’t feel like I’m in the best space to deal with it. Although I’m sure I have, it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a good, tummy-aching laugh in a long, long time.

I was reminded today by a kiddie publication how important that is. To just laugh until you feel like you’re going to die. That’s a good death, it is. To go with a twisted smile on your face.

Can’t think of anything better, really.

Bleh. I’m not a fan of this serious cycle that I’ve spiralled into. Perhaps being more open to Yes and knowing that God is indeed laughing his insubstantial head off will assist in lifting my spirits a tad. That said, I’ve not dedicated much time to reading non-serious books in quite a while. Perhaps it’s about time I got back into some literary escapism.

I’ll let you know how it goes.