An American Doppel-Ganger

First Enlightedment, Then The Dishes
27 Jun 2011
My Own Worst Enemy
29 Jun 2011

Last year on shoot for a Wimpy-Engen advert, in which I play a jovial fisherman, one of the crew commented to the director that I reminded him of the Indian dude on the tv show, Chuck. The director agreed and, for a short period, I was intrigued. According to them, it wasn’t so much the look as my performance that bore a resemblance. At that point, I’d never watched an episode of this show.

Today, that’s changed. I have watched and am now fairly hooked on Chuck. I’m probably a little subjective but I really wouldn’t jump to compare my general performance to the dim-witted character that Vik Sahay plays, even if he does do it very well. I’d be inclined to see myself more in the role of Zachery Levi’s character, lead role Chuck.

What’s your opinion, those of you who have seen my various humourous characters in action?