Argh! Kentucky Fried SD Card!

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7 Jan 2014
I Believe That We’re All A Little Weird
18 Jan 2014

xperia-active-in-waterI am always going on about how awesome my mobile device is, with its ability to withstand drops on concrete, dips in the ocean, dust and sand storms, and everything else I throw at it on my active outdoor trips. When I accidentally dropped the device while sitting in a casting this week, I was totally unphased. I picked it up, dusted off stray particles of floor dirt, and set about continuing sending a message. Alas, this time I could not. Well, I could. The device was still unhurt and working but the SD Card was reportedly unmounted. Whoops.

I rebooted the device to no avail. I removed the card, rubbed off any potential dust and re-inserted. Still nothing. The card looked fine, no visible issues but when I eventually tried my old smaller-capacity card in the device and that worked, it at least proved once again that I own a rock-star phone, and the problem was clearly with the card itself. This was further confirmed when I popped the card into another device that also failed to recognise its existence.

Afried-sd-cardnd thus was I rendered sad, for upon this card sits many photos; snapshots, screen grabs, and pictures of inspiration and beauty saved from Facebook and Tumblr and my WhatsApp buddies. Pictures that I can certainly live without and probably find again, over time, with much searching. And there were many that I have forgotten that I had that were simply pleasant and inspirational to browse through. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who saves those types of pictures into a dedicated folder.

I think everything else automatically backed up but screen grabs and FB, Tumblr, and WhatsApp photos are in dedicated folders that, it appears, don’t fall into the Save-To-Google’s-Cloud options. Woe, I say. Total woe.