Project Me

23 June 2011

The Challenging State of the Enlighted

We oft believe that enlightenment implies we are free of worldly burdens. This can be true but, generally, isn't.
19 July 2011

Thinking About Fuel Gauges

This is a response that I made to a friend’s introspective mass mail. Her email is immediately below, and my original response follows. I’ve not edited […]
26 July 2011

Gazing At My Ass

The last time I remember heading off to a yoga class was the beginning of last year. En route I crashed my car, didn’t make it […]
28 July 2011

Difficult Decisions

Reflecting on the hardships of the entertainment lifestyle.
12 August 2011

Major Turnoffs

Knee-jerk turn-offs that cause me to impulsively want to remove myself from a person's presence.
25 August 2011

Know Where Your Thankfulness Lies

We all have moments when we’re grateful and moments when we’re not. Peggy McColl, author and inspiration coach, is the one of the few people that […]
15 December 2011

Still Got Game

Having had to turn down a main role for the Wedding Party due to personal conflicts (and much to my disappointment), I received an offer to still participate with the show a few months down the line.
29 February 2012

Birthday in Middle Earth

This weekend past was my birthday. And it was spent in Middle Earth. Or, at least, the inspiration for Middle Earth. If you have no idea […]