Attitude isn’t everything

Are you operating from opportunity or necessity?
18 Jan 2011
Ask and You Shall Receive
28 Jan 2011

Isn’t it a lovely day to cuddle in bed? Well, it is up in the Gauteng area. Beautiful weather.

When you awoke this morning, what was your reaction? Did you smile at the rain? Did you groan that you had to get out of bed?

Which ever way you responded, and to what ever degree, is an indication of whether you are in a space of enjoying life or not.

This has nothing to do with whether you actually had to get out of bed and head into traffic or not. I know many people with regular working hours who are quite pumped and pleased with where they are in life. And their lives reflect their attitude. They have more joy, friends and adventure in their lives than some high earning executives who, often, just have more stress. Of course, I’m not equating a larger income with more stress or an unsatisfying lifestyle. I’m just saying that if we are grateful and fully appreciate our lives as they are, we are more able to make it better without digging an early grave.

What do you want? I’ve posed that question before. If you didn’t have an answer then, I hope you have one now.
A concrete and tangible dream. Not just “more money” but “a satisfying and challenging career” or “a first-class air ticket to London” or “a dark red Lotus Evora”. Remember that money is a means to an end. It’s a by-product of pursuing the dream. You still need money and if that is something you wish to pursue, give it a tangible value. Like “R25,000 in the next two months” or “R45,000 per month within the year” or “R1,000 extra a week”.

If you have a tangible goal and that positive attitude to pursue it, you’ve a winning combination. Your dream should not be a chore and you must be open to the different avenues that could lead you to it. For example, the first class flight to London could very well come in the shape of a flight attendant job opportunity. I’m just saying πŸ™‚

How your dreams start manifesting is less important than the way you approach your path toward them. There are multimillionaires that I know today who started off sweeping streets and cleaning toilets. They just had a more favourable attitude that led to their success that, sadly, many office bound folk don’t have. Often, I’ve found, people in situations that just manage to ensure their survival basics are covered don’t have the willpower to really affect change in their lives.

Look around you. Smile at the beauty that is part of your life. Laugh at the fact that you have access to a car, that your salary covers your basics, that you have support and friends in your life, a roof over your head, and pretty clothes to flaunt your body in. You are richly blessed and your life can only get better the more you appreciate what you have.

Now take a moment and go dance in the rain πŸ™‚