“an acclaimed author”

I started writing my first novel when I was six. I still have the pencilled pages. It remains incomplete.

The ability to contort words for my nefarious purposes was something I realised very early in my life. Regular praise from my English teachers stroked my ego but it wasn’t until my thirties that I focused myself into creating books that would one day be published.

“Like a burst dam, rivers of words flood through my being.”

Inspired by a variety of styles, my work has evolved into predominantly inspirational tales sourced from my own adventures and life learnings.

On this page you’ll find my latest books, and learn more about my journey as an author. I have a pile of unfinished book projects that will keep me busy for the next decade. Expect at least one new book each year.


Influenced by teen detective, sci-fi and fantasy sagas, I do my best to live out my young self's dream job.

The Work

I’ve compiled the guidance that served me in life in to a short series; Creation begins with you and Level Up.
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Writing has been prominent in all my existence, but it has been a very short time that I’ve presented myself as a professional author. With a lifetime of unfinished projects to wade through, my current commitment is to get as many of those books completed and published over the next few years.

I am actively working on a few projects, on and off, as the whim and opportunity takes me.

View the bookshelf for my public list of in-progress and complete projects.

Allow me into your imagination

The Bookshelf

Being Dusty

Exploring how to embody the principles that underlie the potential utopia of the Burning Man events, and live them practically out in the everyday world of modern reality.

The First Sense

a short book about the power and importance of feelings

Being More Dusty

Building on what was explored in Being Dusty, Being More Dusty is a more in-depth analysis of the underlying principles that make Burning events around the […]

Creation begins with you

Within you is the power to have it all. Learn to trust yourself, connect to your true desires, and build up the confidence required to live large. This book aims to guide you along this journey.

I make weekly micro-posts to the social medias which you can check out on Facebook and Instagram, or tap below.

Random, mostly introspective, sometimes funny thoughts that I feel like sharing with the world but not with Twitter. This personal take on shower thoughts are a little window into how I see the world. They are posted here and on my social feeds.

Aimed at opening your mind and inspiring you to a better life experience. These words of advice and encouragement are turned into image posts, and circulated to the Creation.begins website and related social media.

The Journey

As an introverted, shy child, I found solace in written words and declared to nobody in particular that I was going to be an acclaimed author.

I was first influenced by the young detective stories that captivated my youth. Soon I found the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi, and began my very first novel, an epic sci-fi saga. The story has evolved in my head quite significantly over the decades since but has not yet been completed.

Instead, I sharpened my skills through creative writing classes, and then in virtually every other aspect of life. My head for good writing was put to decent use in personal and business interactions, and I was often the designated employee or friend to approach for eloquent prose.

The notion of being published never really went away but I also didn’t find my way to finishing anything I started. Part of the problem there was that I wanted to get every book done the moment I began writing. The idea of edits and rearranging and rewriting seemed tedious to my young and impatient mind.

As the years waned, I started many books that also waned. I also wrote short stories and poetry, some of which found their way into anthologies and niche publications. And as I improved my ability to communicate and tell tales, I even created content for marketing and publicity.

Eventually I would gain enough confidence in my work, and manage my time and energy in a way that allowed me to complete my books. Some of these details can be explored on my About page.

“the unassuming storyteller unraveled tales upon tales of intrigue”