A head for writing.

Born of immeasurable imagination.

Writing has always been a passion, and a skill that served me well through my childhood, schooling days, and the various industries I worked through adulthood.

Unfinished novels, story ideas, notes, and a collection of poetry litter my digital and physical storage spaces. But the author in me kept alive for decades, steadily growing and maturing, until I could wade into my hoard of material and transform them into completed works. Nothing unusual there for writer-type people.

The intention to be published as an author was realised in 2018 when Being Dusty was released, followed by Creation begins with you in 2021.


How did it begin?

As a child, books were my go-to place of safety. There I found my adventures, my experiences, my knowledge. I hid from the world, an introvert of epic proportions, shying away from the drama of childhood and finding reprieve in the stories spun by wordsmiths as Roald Dahl, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Jules Verne, the variety of fantasy world stories from the DragonLance series, the kids tales spun by Enid Blyton, and the various authors who were Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dickson.

I started my first novel as a child and have continued creating a variety of stories and poems from then until now.

To date, I’ve published two books, and have earned my keep penning articles, shorts, poetry, and ghost-writing.

The first book

I began my first novel when I was six years old. It was originally a futuristic sci-fi tale, loosely inspired by the RoboTech saga. In time, fantasy elements joined the story, influenced by my fanatism with the DragonLance series of books. This book has yet to be completed, and simply demonstrates my commitment to my work to a level that, for decades, nothing ever got finished.

I did publish poetry and short stories in anthologies and magazines, but it wouldn’t be until 2018 that I finally released a book as a fully fledged author.

My first publicly available book is called Being Dusty. It was initially provided for free through email, before being published as a Kindle ebook.

Enter a different world


published books


short stories




I am a bit of a mimic. Depending on what I’m reading, my writing style adapts accordingly. Over the course of my life, and as I’ve discovered my skills, these various styles have become a part of me. Mostly, nowadays, I write from a first-person perspective in a flitty and exaggerated manner, often liberally sprinkled with humour.

Various books have been in the works for a long, long time. In 2018, however, I got a bee in my bonnet and decided it was time to get my work out there. Being Dusty was something I wrote over a couple weeks from start to finish, and published for the burner community. It took a few years after that but Creation begins with you was made available on Amazon (as an ebook and soft-cover) on my birthday in 2021.

Being More Dusty follows, as an extended version of the original with focus extended to a few key events in my life.

I have several more books that I’m working my way through and will publish over the next few years.

The journey continues

Writing has always been my first love and passion. The ability to forge adventures and worlds, wielding words like a edged weapon or a mystical wand, journeying through imagined lands, and sharing those tales, this is a power I hold in high regard.

There are many novels awaiting completion, eager to fly forth into the arms of potential readers, and this year I’ve been committed to seeing that dream true.

I also love writing the odd short just for the fun of it and to keep the composition muscles firm. If you have any ideas that you would like formed into story, please send in your ideas. I’ll write them up and post them publicly on this website, crediting you, of course.

Life as a writer

Writing has always been an integral part of my life, coming in handy in virtually every aspect, whether it was communication with clients, documenting projects, or creating content.

Jai'prakash: Expressive Explorer: Actor, Author, Adventurer

Below you will find a timeline of my major career milestones, including my acting and writing exploits to date.

“Under the Autumn leaves, I wait, hidden from the world. Prone, silent, intently watching you walk by. Closer. Waiting.”

  • 2021Creation begins with you

    Published my second book to Amazon Kindle.

    Bringing together my experience as a coach and mentor, this book is a foundational guide to getting back into the driver's seat of your own life.
  • 2018Being Dusty

    Published my first book to Amazon Kindle.

    A summary of the principles that underlie the AfrikaBurn event, held annually in the Karoo, Western Cape of South Africa.
  • 2019Ubuntu...seriously!

    Rodney Naidoo lead sitcom

  • 2017Vuil Wasgoed

    Detective Patrick feature film comedy action directed by Morne du Toit
  • 2016My Father's War

    Billy feature film drama directed by Craig Gardener
  • 2016Free State

    The Guruji feature film drama directed by Salles de Jager
  • 2016Thandeka's Diary season 2

    Mr. Govender series regular sitcom Black Brain Productions
  • 2015-2016High Rollers season 2/3

    Ravi Chetty series regular drama Rous House Productions
  • 2015The Deadline

    Detective short film action drama

  • 2015Thandeka's Diary season 1

    Mr. Govender series regular sitcom Black Brain Productions
  • 2013B.E.E. The Musical

    Sanjay 48-Hour Film Festival

    My second foray into the festival, I got to play a major character in this particular production, and showcase my not-so-great singing voice.

  • 2013High Rollers season 1

    Ravi Chetty series regular drama Rous House Productions
  • 2012Mollie & Wors: The Movie

    Melvin Naidoo feature film comedy Kyknet / directed by Willie Esterhuisen
  • 20127de Laan

    Trishan 10 episodes drama soap Danie Odendaal Productions
  • 2009School of Whoredom

    Antoine, the whore

    This production had several runs, but I only joined the cast and crew on the Wits Festival one, in which I played the unique character of Antoine. It is probably the first production in which my bare bum got an audience.

  • 2008Charlotte's Web

    Avery Arable / Farm Animals ensemble

    Another children's theatre production, I got to goof things up more as various ensemble characters.

  • 2008Aladdin

    Genie, Mage, Sultan

    One of the funnest productions I've been in, this children's theatre version of Aladdin gave me a chance to quick-change characters and practice my singing voice.
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  • 2008The Tragic Life and Death of Doctor Faustus

    Devil Dance

    I played one of the ensemble demons in a riveting, dark, choreographed rendition of this famous play.
    view pics

  • 2009Much Ado About Nothing


    Grew out a beard for this fun Shakespeare in the Park production.

  • 2007Sweeney Todd

    Adolfo Pirelli / Jonas Fogg

    got to explore my darker side in this now famous musical

  • 2006City Ses'la

    Kumeshan 3 episodes sitcom Black Brain Productions

    My first major tv role was secured not so much by my crappy audition but by my "off camera" hijinks that the casting agent sneakily recorded.

  • 2005Into The Woods

    Rapunzel's Prince / Mysterious Man

    performed in my first musical, a community theatre production that led me to land my first major acting agent

  • 2004Going Professional

    Studied Musical Theatre at the Tshwane University of Technology

  • 2001The Actor Awakens

    Bored with my programming work, I joined an amateur drama group, and was subsequently cast in two one act plays.

  • 1977Sploosh

    breathed my first breath