There are around 20 titles in my project pile at any one time. Below are the ones published, the ones I’m actively working on, and some of the ones gathering dust in the corner.

Behold ye shall find the books what I have writtened.

In the wild

and purchasable on the Amazon

Creation begins with you
Being Dusty

In the making

with a furious amount of typing and editing

Level Up
Being More Dusty
You Kids Are Fucked

In the pile

resting and gestating in the recesses of my mind

My personal exploration of sexuality and gender identification, preference, and expression.
The journey and the tools that led me out of the cycle of depression and into a life experience that continues to be happy, no matter what.
Come on a journey as I uncover my depression, and my trial and error methods to finding relief and support and healing.
a short book about the power and importance of feelings

“Deep within the world, awakened by a mystical magic, the tales unraveled.”