Within you is the power to have it all.
Learn to trust yourself, connect to your true desires, and build up the confidence required to live large.

This book aims to guide you along this journey.

in the grand scheme of life

Creation begins with you

. . .

You have the ability to design and live the life of your choosing, but you’ve got to prepare yourself first.

An Olympic gold contender doesn’t just decide after the third week straight of watching Netflix, to hop off the couch and book their ticket to the next Olympic Games. They undergo a process of mental preparation way before the physical part of their journey even begins. You also need to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

It’s not an intense process but it’s still more than 97% of the population is ready for. If you take this step, you’re doing more than most of your peers are willing to.

Designing your dream life requires the will to have what you want, and the confidence to believe, not only that you deserve it, but that it’s also possible for you to achieve.

This book lays the foundation, helping you get into the mental and emotional space to be a winner for the rest of your life.

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I’ve mastered the ability to hear people out and create strategic options for them, giving them different perspectives on their problems so that they better solve them, and move forward. I’ve been a support for my friends, and have helped clients move forward in their businesses, offering insight in the form of strategic coaching, from a combined understanding of technology and human behaviour.

I’ve been the guy who writes up the website copy, smooths out office politics, becomes the defacto intermediary between management and office staff.
I am the confidant, the advisor, the guide, the professional best friend.

I am an inspirer and ignitor of passions. I am a champion of freedom and joy, and my superpower is helping people shine.

I believe in the best of people.

I am always willing to give people a chance (sometimes more times than is good for me), and I’m always pushing people to honour their inner Goddess and God.

I come alive when I have a chance to help somebody else come alive. Because I believe in better. And I believe in you.