Being Dusty: Living The Principles

Why Do We Need A Decompression?
21 May 2018

The 11 principles that underlie the event known as AfrikaBurn (and its parent, Burning Man) serve to help us all better people and live better lives in a world that had lost its humanity in favour of commercial gain. These principles are best observed while at the week-long event out in the harsh environment of the Karoo, a desert area in South Africa. Many burners revel in the community that comes together, connecting with people who care, easily befriending and being befriended, living with heart, in a society that allows you to just be you.

Often the high achieved in this week of freedom and joyful play is counteracted with the harshness on daily living once burners return to the world outside of the desert, a world still governed by money over love and comradery.
This book explores the principles that have become synonymous with the Burning Man-type events around the world, and looks at how we can make them a part of our regular life, and takes a step toward creating a new default world outside the borders of the events themselves.

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This booklet is my take on the principles of Afrikaburn (and Burning Man), and how we can better make them part of our daily life.

It was written from my experiences taken over seven Burns, combined with my non-Burn insights through my various life adventures which have allowed me to integrate a huge part of what was created in the desert into everyday living.

I have attempted to create a guide for life as a burner outside the Burn. It is purely from my own perspectives. Take from it the parts that most resonate with you, and may you forever have the dust on your feet.

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