I’m Big in Laudium

High Rollers NOT cancelled
16 Oct 2013
The No-Excuse Mentality
18 Oct 2013

I mentioned last week that I was busy on a small production with the Amity School in Erasmia. The show itself will be happening a kilometer or two down the road in Laudium. 😛

It’s interesting working with kids. It’s easy for me to rough and rumble with them, particularly the excitable younger ones and then they get all energised and I’ve no idea how to make them stop! o.O

And it’s nice having teachers around to chase the kids back to their seats after I’ve overstimulated their adrenal glands. Doubly nice that they all love me so I can do no wrong. Lol. Not that I would ever do wrong, of course.

The show itself is a year-end function for the school, encompassing dances from each grade with me, as the garbage collector, threading each performance to the next. So I’m basically a scruffy MC. It’s all in good fun and nice working with the Hindu society and Amity school. And, of course, it’s also quite nice being the celebrity of the community, flaunted on banners like this one:
The Garbage Collector