The Birth of BollySAMo

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16 Feb 2011
Addicted to Helping my Self
18 Feb 2011

Some time last year, I connected with a pair of producers intent on upping the standards of the South African movie industry and make a fortune doing it. South Africa produces a handful of movies a year, only a percentage of those commercial compared to the hundreds that come out of the US. Together we created a plan to set up a company which will produce movies on a regular basis (at least three a year), making use of the right people, building the industry and the standards of movie making within our land.

After a couple months of discussions, we have settled defined and settled on our company name and vision. BollySAMo is born. Said much like the Italian bellissimo, which means “Beautiful Man”. BollySAMo isn’t a beautiful man. It just features some beautiful men (and other genders) 🙂

A South African production company focusing on the Indian market. In essence, a Bollywood styled South-African movie picture. Yes, after much brainstorming and throwing around of creative names, we decided to go with the simplest and most straightforward idea. We all got kinda hung up on the pronunciation actually.

At any rate, the company is born, we have been in contact with writers to provide us with our first script, and, as they say, it’s full steam ahead.