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1 Feb 2011
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7 Feb 2011

We know the concept of work-for-money, well, works. I want to challenge that concept and push some buttons.

I started the website after realising how much of the knowledge I had accumulated over the years was not as common as I’d assumed. Yes, I was definitely aware that people everywhere had similar goals of freedom and financial security and recognising their personal worth but I took forgranted that those same people were actively seeking out ways to realise those goals.

After I got involved with Mannatech, I approached several friends and acquaintances with the prospect of this awesome passive income opportunity. While most people responded quite well to the concept, very few were ready to take a serious step to making the venture work. This was initially confusing to me. Why would people turn down a way to achieve financial freedom, especially when that was one of their goals?

There’s are the naysayers who have associated Network Marketing to get-rich-quick pyramid schemes (which is total baloney; if anything, it’s a get-rich-slow scheme!), of course, and there are several people who just have a bad association with the concept of Network Marketing, even if they can’t always explain it. That’s understandable. We all have misconceptions about many things in life, but unless we choose to actively test out our ideas, we will never change them.

With this understanding and the fact that my friends know me to be intelligent and relatively analytical, why would they still not grab onto the concept even for a testdrive?

After further research, I discovered the answer. We are preconditioned to not try anything too far outside of our comfort zone. We know the concept of work for money and we know that it, well, works. Doing anything that seems to challenge that concept pushes our buttons.

It doesn’t matter if we keep wanting to have that perfect life where money just flows to us with ease. Our minds prevent us from accepting that dream because it’s just too different from what we know and experience right now.

The next problem is an ego one. Unless they’re already comfortable with sales within their close circles, more people don’t want to pitch to their family or friends. They are far happy selling to strangers. There’s less perceived judgement.

I bought into the Network Marketing concept many years ago but until I was presented with Mannatech’s opportunity, I never really paid it much mind. I understood the mechanics behind it but I wasn’t prepared to do the work required. Nor did I want to face the friends and family with the concept. In fact, I was one of those people who would tell you that the concept was sound and had definite potential but just wasn’t for me.

It was only when I decided that I was tired of scraping by each month, and not being able to truly live out my dreams that I actively decided to learn how to go about building a financially sound business. I came across several ideas and have put some of them into practice. Not all have worked out but they have all taken me to various degrees outside my comfort space and, so doing, have grown me in ways no desk job ever could.

I didn’t realise what was out there until I started searching for it. I suspect most people who are also seeking out that ultimate lifestyle also are unaware of what their options are. For this reason, I built and blog on

Hopefully, some of my words will assist, inspire and motivate you.

For me the journey continues. I have many big dreams in the pipeline and work consistently to realise them. Catch you on the flip side.