For 2 decades, I have written irregular blog posts on topics ranging from personal development to random rants to BTS experiences and a bunch of stuff in between.

Engage in fantastical and not necessarily insightful meanderings of my mind and virtual pen, here for you to stare at wide-eyed and wonderous.

All my public blog posts are listed below in random order. Have fun browsing.

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General Disclaimer:
All my writings reflect my perspective at the time of writing, and may not be relevant anymore.
They represent the evolution of my style, views, maturity, and awareness.
I’ve left them up that you may peruse for your entertainment, and perhaps gain insight into my varied psyche.


Stories, perspectives and behind-the-scenes from my endeavours in the acting world. These posts are a mix of media, some featuring photos and videos, some being typed accounts of the experience. Select from a sub-list of categories or view all acting related posts.

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Advice, tips, and thoughts regarding my writing. These posts promote my work, and also document my writing processes and stumbling blocks.

My actual non-bloggy writings can be read on the links below.

Adventure and Travel

Peek through a window onto my travel and other adventurous escapades. Featuring related photos and videos, these posts recount some of my adventures around the planet.

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Life and Personal Development

Focused on my personal growth, and my journey in the world of body, sex, and relationship positivity. These posts provide insight and my own thoughts regarding these topics and the evolved understanding of our personal expression. Select from a sub-list of categories or view all related posts.