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28 Jan 2011
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7 Feb 2011

I say what I want, even if it ain't what I mean.

In general, I tend to say what I think. I try to adhere to as few social conformities as possible. I’m not always successful in this endeavour. Still, I do wind up saying things that most people seem to consider impolite or inappropriate. Usually, I can see why they would think that but, for the most part, I’m really not bothered with other people’s insecurities and “standards” of social appropriateness.

All that said, I still reckon that it’s always appropriate to pay somebody a compliment. Earlier this week, it was brought to my attention that just giving somebody attention, however, could be considered flirting. I’ve nothing against flirting. I love to flirt. But could it be that harmlessly commenting on a person’s look or dress or hair could lead that person to draw incorrect conclusions?

There distinguishing trait that marks a compliment as being flirtatious, as I understand it, is the intention behind the comment being more innuendic. I know that I do cross this barrier quite often, not necessarily because I want to jump someone’s bones but because I quite like bringing in sexually charged statements into conversation. The people that don’t squirm impress me.

I do this a fair amount online. When I’m evading more productive pursuits or just wasting time, I do sometimes troll friends’, acquaintances’ and randomly connected strangers’ photos. If a pic looks good, unique, or otherwise noteworthy and I’m able to comment, I, generally, do so.

What was pointed out to me was my complimentary comments were taken overly personally. As in “oh my, I’m so special, he said that to me! He probably never says that to anyone else! But me, I’m special!”

Actually, it was put to me more as, “you probably comment on any girl’s photo and I was stupid enough to believe I was special.”

Yes, you are a special little snowflake, but to think that you’re the only person deserving of receiving a complimentary comment is exceptionally vain. To clarify, neither does this mean I’m flirting with every Tom, Dixie and Henrietta. My compliments are just flirtatiously constructed. Like those teasy young chicks who wear skirts that reach as far down as their thighs.

Well, kind of like that 😛

I’ll probably continue to blurt out my opinions and thoughts in a cheeky manner. Take it all with appropriate pinches of salt. Girls especially tend to read far too much into these types of things, delving down through layer after layer of, essentially, a single layered comment.

Sometimes what you get on the surface is really all there is. Sorry.

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