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Transformational Bodywork
9 Dec 2007
Spending is An Emotional Exercise
16 Feb 2011

[Ka Huna massages in the sun]

Transform Yourself

Take time off to energize,
connect with your body,
reawaken your inner power and
enhance your peace of mind and sense of well-being.

Book a Ka Huna treatment at the special price of R200!
This includes a 45 minute back and leg bodywork session and a consultation.

Ka Huna is based on the Hawai’ian Island-Style Lomi Lomi Nui, a spiritual massage traditionally used to facilitate great changes in one’s life, releasing outmoded patterns and blocked energy, balancing mind, body and spirit, and shifting and transforming the individual towards her or his greater potential.

Each session is an individual experience, with every treatment is as unique as the person receiving it. The entire process is a dance between the therapist and the client, with each massage session fluid, smooth, impassioned, deep, and nurturing, depending on the needs of the client. Using flowing strokes, focussed pressure, music, sound, and guided breath work, the therapist aims to direct the client towards better health, balance and harmony.

Ka Huna delivers numerous benefits on physical, mental and spiritual levels. The treatments serve to relieve the body of pain and accumulated stress, detoxifying accumulated waste, cleansing the internal systems and, thus, stimulating more energy flow, restoring balance and vitality. As muscles are relaxed, one may also discover greater mobility and flexibility. Clients become more in touch and at home with their bodies, feeling more energetic and stress free.

On a spiritual level, clients are given the opportunity to connect with their inner personal power, developing a better relationship to their spiritual or higher selves. This connectedness and inner peace allows people to pay more attention to their real desires and needs, to know who they really are, and what they are capable of. The aim of Ka Huna is to cause people to allow themselves to live their full potential in life with purpose and abundant joy. Ka Huna does not interfere with an individual’s religion; it serves only to strengthen that individual’s relationship and spiritual connection.

JaiSince the turn of the millennium, I have studied various healing techniques including auric and energy healing, basic massage, shiatsu, reiki, ayur vedic practises, and, of course, Ka Huna. Since discovering the unrestricted and fluid nature of Ka Huna, I have been able to bring all my various healing skills together and deliver them in a single holistic transformational treatment.

To book your special session, send an email to bookings@ohana.za.net or contact Jai on (084) 0-399-367. Mention that you were referred by Cat Glennie for the special price.

Treatments can be done during the week in Parktown North, Johannesburg or at your premises.
A R50 call-out fee is applicable for locations more than 10kms outside Rivonia.

For more information, please visit ohana.za.net/About-Kahuna

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