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27 Jun 2007
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7 Aug 2007

By the gods, I’m tired of spam. What is the point of it? I mean, surely if there truly wasn’t a point, it wouldn’t exist, would it?

You know. Like the duck-billed platypus 🙂

Advertising on the whole has never really impressed me. Entertained sometimes. But not impressed. Not when you consider what advertising is suppose to be.

Which of course raises the question: What is advertising supposed to be?

To my mind, it’s about letting the public know that you, your product and/or your service exist. And yes, I suppose, promote sales. But that’s where it gets sketchy. Because promoting sales can be done in many ways, some of which can be rather devious.

Overdoing the hype, putting down others, claiming that the proposed buyer will be a “better person” for buying the product, etc. are all ways to get me disinterested in both the product and the company. And certainly, while I like to be entertained, I don’t feel that’s the purpose of a commercial. A commercial should be more informative. Yes, in an entertaining way, sure, but I’ve seen enough ads where entertainment is the goal and information is secondary. Then it becomes more a psychological sell than letting the consumer decided for her/his self.

Which comes back to spam. The ones I get claim I need a bigger penis, more spectacular ejaculations, lasting erections, and a gold Rolex.

So, apparently, sex and timekeeping is the only thing worth spamming on.

I don’t wear watches so the rolex ads are of no interest and I am quite content on my sex life to not need any of these proposed enhancements. And even if I did, I would go thru more reputable sources.

Another thing is quantity of ads. That where the irritation lies in spam. There’s just so damn much of it. Even in conventional advertising. Overselling a movie, for example, is a surefire way to get me not to watch it. Immediately I start thinking, why does the company feel they need to be so in your face? Besides, especially in terms of movies, word of mouth is a far better and more reliable advertising medium.

The existence of spam mail has inspired the creation of several programmes to block them. Does it then become a competition? Like in the case of the virus/antivirus war. Programmers constantly create new viruses just to prove themselves (“Look, I can get thru your security. Hee Hee.”). Do spammers have the same mentality.

Or, are they really getting some sort of financial reward from it? Are people really clicking on those obscure and in-secure links to be inundated with more sex product and counterfeit rolex ads? Maybe they are. Either from ignorance (tho, I can’t imagine many people on the ‘Net today’d be ignorant of Spam) or because they genuinely feel they need to add a few inches to their manhood and have nowhere else to turn to.

At any rate, it remains one of those irritants that has me having to white and black list email addresses before allowing anything into my mailbox, as well as being overly weary of who gets to know my email addie. The added effort is enough for me to want to blow up every spam-dedicated server.

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