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    Over the course of my life, I’ve mastered a variety of talents, created a collection of successful careers, and gained a whack ton of life experience, which you can read about here.

    These days, when I’m not exploring a corner of our beautiful planet or enjoying the delicate softness of my bed, I still freelance as a developer and writer, occasionally popping into studio to pretend to be some fantastic character, or working my magic hands at a spiritual retreat (in the kitchen and on the massage table).

    I love working with new people, expanding my social and professional networks, and my knowledge base. If you wish to share experience, get in contact and let’s work together.


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    Adept at mimicry, through performance, I explore the universe as characters conjured from stories.

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    Influenced by teen detective, sci-fi and fantasy sagas, I do my best to live out my young self's dream job.

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    A seeker of experience, I am constantly exploring our world of extracurricular adventures.

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    I am a professional stage and screen actor, and have been in several tv, feature film, and commercial productions. Also capable of physical performance and dance, although I’m a bit out of practice. Given my current fitness level, I’ll easily get back into it when a role calls for more physicality 😛

    You can see my career highlights here, or check me out on my agent’s website.

    If you would like to work with me, please contact my agent here.


    I have been creating stories and poetry since I was a pre-teen, and today writing is part of most facets of my life, from blogging for personal expression, to writing books and my course material, to co-writing with other creatives.

    My writing journey is detailed a bit more here on my website.

    And do check out the books I’ve written and am busy with in My Bookshelf.

    Public Speaker

    Combining my acting skills, my amazing voice and my various life experiences and learnings, I conduct workshops and public talks on a variety of subjects mostly focused on empowering oneself in one’s personal life, relationships, and business life.

    I am also a partner in ctrl-Alt-sex, an organisation dedicated to empowering people around sex and relationships, and providing a safe space for people of all gender, sexual and relationship orientations.

    My Creation begins with you book lays a foundation for the work I teach.


    Join me on my inspired adventurer trips to exotic locations where we will play and step into our whole selves. The trips are punctuated with social time during which we discuss happiness and personal success. Or invite me to facilitate on your adventures.

    While no events are in the pipeline, I do playshops, inspirational and empowerment discussions, and connection exercises.