Controlling the focus

Checking in on the Project Me progress
14 Oct 2013
High Rollers NOT cancelled
16 Oct 2013

Life is like a camera

I came across this image a few weeks back and since then have noticed that it (and a few variations) are doing the rounds on the Internet. I think it’s awesome advice. We too often get fixated on the stuff that isn’t serving us, and usually can’t be changed. It’s certainly not about sticking our heads in the ground. It’s about determining what’s important, what we are able to deal with and what we should be dealing with.

I’m being constantly reminded of this recently. It’s far too easy to get lost in the what I don’t want mentality that we forget to actually focus on and work toward what we do want. That’s the sense of purpose that I’ve been craving recently, simply because I’ve wound up lost in the mental sea of the stuff I’ve lost over the last few months.