I’ve mastered the ability to hear people out and create strategic options for them, giving them different perspectives on their problems so that they better solve them, and move forward. I’ve been a support for my friends, and have helped clients move forward in their businesses, offering insight in the form of strategic coaching, from a combined understanding of technology and human behaviour.

I’ve been the guy who writes up the website copy, smooths out office politics, becomes the defacto intermediary between management and office staff.
I am the confidant, the advisor, the guide, the professional best friend.

I am an inspirer and ignitor of passions. I am a champion of freedom and joy, and my superpower is helping people shine.

I believe in the best of people.

I am always willing to give people a chance (sometimes more times than is good for me), and I’m always pushing people to honour their inner Goddess and God.

I come alive when I have a chance to help somebody else come alive. Because I believe in better. And I believe in you.