ctrl-Alt-sexBuilding and maintaining a positive attitude to life, to sex, to your body and to your community.

ctrl-Alt-sex was the brainchild of psychosexual consultant, Avri Spilka, to fill a gap in the South African market for quality and safe sexual and relationship education and counselling. The mission was to evolve our conversations around sexuality, exploring both the dark side and the fun side of this generally taboo topic.

Jai'prakash - Rocky HorrorI joined the company in the course of 2013, fitting in as an organiser and co-ordinator, bringing in my own therapy skills and experience of the fringe sex world. Through our various channels, we have shared information, facilitated workshops and gatherings, and held a safe space for people of different sexual orientations, gender representations, and relationship models to come together and engage peacefully, without judgement or persecution.

We are all human, every one of us seeking love and happiness. And no person should ever feel discriminated because of their sexual preferences or orientation. No person should feel unsafe and unable to report on sexual violence. No person should be harassed for not fitting into the tiny boxes created for common society. We would love to see a world of compassionate humans, people who see people and not race or gender or tattoos or outfit. But until that evolved community is a reality, ctrl-Alt-sex continues to provide a safe for people to be themselves, engaging freely, communicating openly, and learning and helping each other.