Dressing sideways

Alpha Male
7 Aug 2007
We all fall down
18 Aug 2007

Looking at a video clip with two black clad Muslim women, I wonder about the nature of clothing. Assuming, of course, that they were Muslim. I know only of the Islamic religion still requiring women to hide themselves in virtual totality from the public eye. Now, I’m all for protection, fashion, or draping bits and pieces here and there to signify some sort of taste and possible rank. But at least be sensible about it.

The clip should the inconvenience this abundance of clothing caused in a restaurant, where by the poor women struggled to get forkfulls of spaghetti into their mouths beneath their yashmaks. At what point does the purpose of clothing grow redundant?

Granted, in this case, the issue is more the requirement of the religion. Still, hiding behind clothes, which is what most of humanity does, totally confuzes me.

There are a variety of reasons…….article incomplete