Naked expression – dressing up by dressing down

Not As Good As I Could Be
4 Apr 2012
Middle of Nowhere: My Afrikaburn Experience
14 May 2012

When I looked for videos related to Afrikaburn and Burning Man before heading to my first Burn this year, I found:

Watching this video got me really excited about the dressing up opportunities for this week long stay in the desert. Anybody who knows me (or doesn’t know me but attended a fancy dress party with me) will know that not only do I love to dress up but I love to characterise my dressing up, playing the role down to the mannerisms and voice of the character I have chosen to portray at said party. To be able to embody characters and varying forms of dress everyday for a week particularly tickled me.

Until I considered the logistics.

I love hiking and camping and backpacking. But I also travel light. I was also without transport. As is my nature, I found a lift to Tankwa Town (the name of the village that is Afrikaburn) the day before heading there!

Backtrack a few months when I found the video above. I know that I do not foreplan. I usually hide away from foreplanning. I much prefer going with the flow of things, seeing where the winds take me. The only thing I did in advance was get my ticket. But this left the problem of how could I possibly enjoy dressing up and getting kit down there. As it was I was taking only my backpack and I was already worried about food and water supply (this would later be arranged with my friends to bring on their 4×4, thank the gods for good friends :-P).

Long story short, I took the bare minimum. Some warm clothing for the night, some basic clothing for when I was in the city and a few interesting items that could be mashed into some sort of outfit. En route to Tankwa, I had a chance to pick up a few more clothing items at a tiny farm stall.

This is what resulted: [hide-this-part morelink=”These photos contain nudity and freedom. Click here to view them.” lesslink=”Enjoy the pics. Click here to hide them again.”]