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1 May 2013
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13 June 2013
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[Encore! Poster]

Poster photo: AJ Venter | Poster design: Debbie Robertson

Encore! is a new comedy written and directed by Debbie Robertson, and starring Tarryn Saunders and Jai’prakash premi√®ring at this year’s National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

In her dressing room, an ageing prima donna (Tarryn Saunders) gets ready for a show. But on this particular day, she has to face increasingly ridiculous challenges brought to her by her agent, her director, her estranged husband and more… (all played by Jai’prakash). Will she make it to the stage?

Both funny and dark, Encore! pulls the curtain aside and takes a look backstage at the creative types behind the performance…

Grahamstown run

Venue: Masonic Hall – Back
Dates: 1 July 2013 – 10:00
3 July 2013 – 16:00
4 July 2013 – 22:00
6 July 2013 – 16:00
7 July 2013 – 14:00
Duration: 55m
Age restriction: 13+ L
Some photos from the show